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  1. Update - onboard now... The deck was squishy and stinky in places upon boarding with the repairs commencing early in the cruise. A large tent was set up over the area to be repaired that day with no noise at all being heard whilst having lunch at the Patio Grill. The repairs have had no impact on our cruise experience whatsoever! They were on the final section last time I walked past and the repaired areas are flat and freshly sanded. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. We have now cancelled the rental car and will take the Seabourn coach option from the Captain Cook hotel (they also depart from the airport). We can check in for the coach from 9:30AM and the last service departs at 11AM. It is a short walk from where we are staying at the Hilton. The coach is cheaper and will get us there at about the same time with no worries about driving on the “wrong” side of the road! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. We are trying the same approach. My Wife is delighted to have another $250 to spend at the spa!
  4. We are on deck 4 and booked direct with Seabourn Australia. I have since contacted Seabourn noting that we should have advised of this prior to final payment being made whereas now we can only hope that the peaceful Alaskan serenity that we have paid for is not replaced by the ambience of a construction zone! They have replied quickly, stating that they didn’t know when the repairs were going to take place and offering us a reassurance that our onboard experience will meet our expectations.
  5. And it seems that I can't edit the subject line to read Sojourn! But I can edit this post - aaaaagh!
  6. With less than two weeks remaining my Wife and I are looking forward to our 14 night Seabourn Alaskan cruise departing Seward on September 11. This morning I received an email from Seabourn advising that during our cruise maintenance will be performed to follow up deck replacement works that have recently been undertaken. Apparently the Patio Grill & pool will be open as normal with steps taken to minimise noise and disruption. A total of $250 credit will also be added to our onboard account. This is the email: Dear Guest, Thank you for booking your upcoming voyage with us; we look forward to welcoming you on board Seabourn Sojourn. We want to inform you of some maintenance that will take place during your voyage in order to complete repairs on sections of the teak on Deck 8. While we have finished the process of replacing the teak in certain areas, we will be performing some follow up work. Please be assured that measures are in place to minimize any noise or inconvenience to you, our guests. The work will be completed in small sections at a time; the deck and pool will be open for your enjoyment and The Patio will be available for lunch and dinner service throughout the voyage. We do apologize for any impact this work may have on your shipboard experience and encourage you to contact Guest Services at Seabourn Square should you have any questions or concerns once on board. As a gesture of goodwill and token of our appreciation, we are pleased to provide you with an onboard credit of $250 per suite, which will be posted to your onboard folio to help you fully enjoy your time on board. If you have any questions throughout this process please contact Guest Services. We appreciate your understanding and anticipate a delightful journey together. Kind regards, Seabourn
  7. Thanks for the replies :) Looks like we have a few alternatives, I will be sure to check out the coach option.
  8. My Wife and I will be onboard the Sojourn for the September 11 Alaska cruise sailing out of Seward. In order to get over jet lag (we are Aussies) we will spend a few nights in Anchorage prior to hiring a car and driving (on the "wrong" side of the road!) to Seward. Being late risers we cannot bear the thought of the early train departure (6:45AM, seriously?) and driving will give us a chance to stop and appreciate the views during our journey. The question is, what time should we aim to arrive portside in Seward? I have read on other threads that the train gets in just after 11AM and that there is a short wait prior to embarkation commencing. Ideally we would arrive after this group of passengers have boarded so we don't have to wait, but in time to enjoy lunch in the Colonnade. Would 1PM then be a good time? 3 weeks, 3 days until we fly out - we can't wait!
  9. Bourbon options include: Jim Beam Makers Mark Jack Daniels (technically not a bourbon but Tennessee Sipping Whiskey!) A couple of others have also been onboard on various Seabourn cruises as well...
  10. Thanks Imcpa, my Wife and I are on the September Seward to Vancouver sailing. Just a couple of questions: 1. Are there any shore excursions that you highly recommend? I am considering the halibut fishing. 2. Was much local seafood served? Salmon etc. Pity that the MDR was slow but it sounds like room service was a good substitute!
  11. Thanks for the deck update, hope it is all done before September!
  12. What a great blog! Thank you for putting the time and effort in, we feel we must go to Antarctica now that we have seen the photos and read about the whole experience. Have just booked on the Quest November 2019 Antarctic voyage!
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