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  1. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise! It was a very nice tribute to Trainman. Hope to sail Harmony or Symphony in 2020! So many ships...so little cruising time (and $$$)!
  2. At Costa Maya, there's also an aviary you can visit and a swim with dolphins activity (each costs, of course). I can't remember how many ships were there in December, but we we able to find two loungers by the pool fairly quickly. I do remember it was crowded!
  3. joand452

    New Program called "The Key"

    Just checked for our upcoming Anthem cruise. It, too, has gone up to $31.99! WOW! That's quite the price hike.
  4. Looking forward to virtually cruising with you! Nice way to pass the time while waiting for my turn!
  5. Thank you, Andrew and Lisa, for taking us along on another fun-filled cruise! Hope you'll do another live thread on your March cruise -- that should hold me over until the end of April!
  6. joand452

    Crystal Blocks

    Bella is just too cute. We've had her cousins for many years (Scotties); I'd love to have a Westie someday. Other than remarking on Bella, what really caught my eye was that your road trip may take you to RI. My home state! We go whenever we can to visit family (my MIL is 97), but we'd never think of just going there! To bring this back to the subject line; we were pleasantly surprised to find our first (and only) crystal block on our desk on our last Anthem cruise in April 2016. We would hit 140 nights at the end of that 12-day cruise, so we were happy when it showed up with a few cruise days left. Even better was that we had driven to Cape Liberty, so bringing it home was no problem.
  7. [quote post="56693646" timestamp="1549035020" name="A&L_Ont" List done. You brought morphine with you? [emoji38][emoji38] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. So happy I found this early in the week and not on Friday, as per my usual... Thanks for taking us along! We still have almost 3 months to go. Even though we just got off a cruise 6 weeks ago, it seems like forever... Snowing here in Virginia (northern) now, but we'll nothing compared to Canada, but it'll shut down the area as though it's multiple feet!
  9. Really late to the party, but thank you, Marie and Bill for taking us along on your birthday cruise! And Happy Belated Birthday, Bill! Tapatalk is alive and well and includes CC on iPhone, too. Just re-downloaded and logged in this morning.
  10. joand452

    New Program called "The Key"

    Like everyone has said -- it's common practice on all cruiselines. Just don't put anything you'll need the next morning, like clothes and toiletries (keep out a duffel or extra totebag in order to carry those off the ship) OR anything of value. We always have a rolling carryon with us, which holds the camera, chargers, and meds. And we use TSA locks until we get to the airport. We never use locks when we check luggage -- we've had too many locks damaged and lost at the airport in the past. However, before going to the ship the next day (we always fly in at least one day early), the locks go back on. Have a great first cruise! Hope you become addicted like the rest of us!!
  11. Hi Harry, Good to see you back! Last I remember, you were going to cruise on Anthem. Guess that was cancelled to go to WDW instead? Anthem in our next cruise; tried out Celebrity in December. It was good, and we're looking into trying Celebrity Edge, but not for a while yet. Want those "new" ship prices to come down a little. We may be within driving distance of FLL by then, too. We're heading to a long overdue WDW vacation in the fall (last was December 2013, when DH had just chipped his shoulder, and was in a sling. So this next trip is a do-over! So, of course, I'm interested in your Disney photos! You can e-mail me at going cruisin at yahoo (remove all the spaces)
  12. We went to the new MGM in Maryland (day trip) in the fall. I went to the MLife desk to get my card, etc. In addition to all the perks already mentioned, we were able to get $125 OBC on our Celebrity cruise in December. This only works if you book direct with the cruise line. We're not able to get it for our April cruise since we used a TA. But next time...
  13. joand452

    New Program called "The Key"

    We sailed in an ocean suite on Carnival Vista last December -- FTTF was included. We were with friends, who had a regular balcony cabin. We did get on the ship well before they did, but our suite was not available to us for at least two hours after their cabin was ready. So glad we hadn't paid extra for that! I've been reading this thread for since it began -- if pax think this program is worth it for them, why do so many of you complain? The drink package is not worth it for us, but I don't care if someone else wants to buy it. I'd never complain and try to talk someone out of it. If you don't like a for-fee add on, don't buy it. Plain and simple.
  14. joand452

    New Program called "The Key"

    We're sailing on Anthem in April, and The Key is being sold. Since it's just the two of us, we may consider it, since it's on sale at $19.99/person/day. We thought about it and decided to just get the Voom Surf and Stream for two devices instead. We used our $100 OBC, so paid less than $40 for it. If we knew exactly what was going to be offered as far as extras (e.g., "private hours") on Anthem, we might have considered it. I guess if the price comes down considerably before April, we can cancel the Voom package and purchase The Key instead.