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  1. Have no knowledge of what is done on Royal for Christmas (other than decor) for kids, I’ve sailed on Easter and there was an Easter Bunny with goodie bags for the kids. That was a while ago, so things have probably changed. But we have cruised Princess, and their “regular” balcony cabins were smaller than those on Royal. We only had a chair in the cabin on Princess, as opposed to a loveseat or sofa on Royal. Plus the buffet area has a much better layout on Royal. Whichever you choose, the kids will enjoy a Royal cruise.
  2. Thank you from us, too. We don’t sail until mid-April 2022, but DH is already packing—in his mind, anyway!
  3. Have a great cruise! Thank you both for taking the time out of your vacay to share with us.
  4. Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. We don't board Apex until next April in Fort Lauderdale, so hopefully all the kinks will be worked out by then (and COVID-19 just an unhappy memory). Hope you'll be able to post some photos of the ship at some point -- don't really care of what, just some public areas. Thank you again, and Happy Sailing!
  5. That is just so sad. Had to fly to FLL day of cruise once, it was unavoidable, but I can tell you, I held my breath until we landed in FLL. It was nice, however, going straight to our cabin once we arrived at the ship. We always fly direct, no matter our destination. We usually drive to Cape Liberty, NJ (from northern Virginia) day before as well. You never know what the traffic will be like.
  6. Wonder how many of you wear Apple watches, FitBit watches or carry a cell phone. Believe me -- everyone is being tracked! Ever notice your Google page?
  7. Our last Princess cruise was on Ruby Princess in 2010. We had sailed on Sapphire (2006) and Crown (2007) before that. Maybe it was just the crew on the Ruby, but I vowed never to sail on Princess again. The servers were rushed in the MDR (we had anytime dining). I really missed the MDR servers on Royal. It was just not a good experience. Their balcony cabins have just the desk chair, if you didn't want to sit on the bed. You need to move up to a mini-suite to get a sofa in your cabin. The Horizon Court (their buffet) is so small -- no more than than 25 people could fit in there at a ti
  8. We went ahead and purchased an internet package for our April 2022 cruise. I can't remember what the regular price was, but I'm thinking it was a little more. I'll keep an eye out for future sales to compare. It was a price we were comfortable with, so... Just hoping there'd be a glitch with the drink package. That really hurt when our 2020 sailing was cancelled!
  9. Thank you all for your responses. I'll pass them along to my daughter. I'm sure they and the 17-yo will want to be connected all the time. My daughter runs a business, so she'll want to be connected, too. I'll let them know that the price is per device, not per person! I'll warn her to make sure they turn on airplane mode only!
  10. My daughter and her family will be going on their first cruise in July 2022 on Oasis. They have a 17-year old son (and a six-year old; he's not counted in this). They all want to have the internet on their phones -- two Androids and one iPhone. For them each to get an individual package is almost $1000. Can they share the three-device package, with it being charged to just one adult, all using the same ID and P/W? I think my husband I have shared the two-device package in the past, but it's been a while. It's hard for me to get a true price for them, using my log in, since we'll be D+ by
  11. I had been seasick on a ferry one year, as well as airsick, so I asked my doctor for recommendations before my first cruise -- he had been on a cruise right before. He suggested I take Bonine at bedtime, beginning the night before the cruise (and flight into a certain airport). It wouldn't interfere with any of my other medications and I could also drink. I had taken regular Dramamine and non-drowsy Dramamine before, and each knocked me out. Maybe those would be okay at bedtime, too, but I'm not willing to try! I'm not very sleepy during the day after taking a Bonine (or the generic) the
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