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  1. We were on a Princess cruise the one time we went to Bonaire -- maybe that's an option for you. Ours was in 2007.
  2. I just bought some fabric with anchors. Plan on making enough to last the cruise (and the one we're on before the Royal cruise). Plus I have more masks that I've made (and get washed after being worn) to take with me. Will probably need another box of disposables, too (DH wears those). I'll probably buy a "branded" mask, too. I wear RCL tee-shirts, why not a mask?
  3. So positive to see Apex berthed at her home! Hope this means she'll be sailing soon. We'll be on her in April.
  4. We have the classic package included in our Apex cruise. Probably don't need the next package up, but how is the upgrade handled in any event? As of my planner today the classic package is $47; while the next package is $55. Do we just pay the difference, plus 20%? Sure hope we're back to sailing by the end of April!
  5. We've sailed on her a couple of times without a problem, too. I'll let you know about Symphony in May (knock on wood).
  6. So great to see you back on board again! Really needing a cruise fix. Our May 2020 on Harmony was, of course, cancelled, so this helped me pretend I was on that cruise. We had a ton of OBC that we used for the BP (at the unreal price of $18/day) and a day pass to the Coco Cay Beach Club. It was also enough to pay for our internet. Oh well...easy come easy go! You're not the first person to complain about the spinning guy at the Aqua Show! Now I'm glad we missed him. So to make up for no 2020 cruise, we've booked two for April-May 2021. Fingers crossed, we'll be able to sail!
  7. I better start sewing so we have clean ones for every day!
  8. Our first time purchasing the beverage package, and never even got to enjoy it (May Harmony cruise cancelled). At least we won't know what we're missing! Just hope we still get our D drinks when cruising resumes.
  9. What does NSPP stand for? Not (so) Special Pinnacle Person? 😄😉
  10. Congrats on the new purchase! Our plan is to sell our SF Colonial in northern Virginia and buy a small house in central Florida. After our cruise from PC next month, we were going to spend some time looking around. Well...those plans changed! Cruise cancelled and we’re under a stay-at-home order until June 10th. Hoping to still make it down there in the fall sometime. Looking at cruises for next March.
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