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  1. I look forward to following you on all of your side trips at the ports and seeing Horizon from your view. Have a nice flight and enjoy your cruise on the Horizon. Thanks for allowing us to all tag along on your cruise.😎
  2. I am booked on a 9 day Journey cruise out of New York City next May 2020. If you can't cruise on one of the longer Journey cruises, then check out the schedule for the 9 day Journey cruises out of NYC next May. There are Bermuda and Eastern Caribbean itineraries to choose from.😎
  3. I have not gotten the Cheers pkg because of what happened to you of not being able to keep up with the daily amount to drink to at least break even. I could handle it for a few days but not everyday. A shame you cannot buy it for the days you want. Maybe in the future they will let you buy it each morning on the days you will actually use it. I would get more use of a deal like that.😎
  4. What I don't like is if you are on a longer cruise they force you to buy the 5 bottle pkg and not allow the purchase of the 3 btl pkg. But I always do enjoy the wine pkg when I get it.😎
  5. I also only cruised on Carnival,14 times. I took a RCL cruise this past March after getting a great deal on Anthem of the Seas out of Bayonne, NJ. I had a great time on RCL. Great food, service, and shows and the ship was clean. I also feel Carnival has great food, service, shows and has clean ships as well. Both lines are great with some differences I like on both: Carnival has a great steakhouse along with really good specialty food options like Bonsai Shushi, Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana Cantina, and great pizza. I like Carnival's production shows, game shows and the Comedy Club. Even though RCL's shows are great and much bigger productions, I enjoy the smaller/simpler productions that Carnival offers. The late night Disco/Piano Bar/Karaoke entertainment is also a lot of fun on Carnival. All the food I had on RCL was great, especially their salads and an awesome Roast Beef slider that I had almost everyday. But Carnival seemed to have the edge with really good specialty type offerings that are included in the fare. I thought Anthem of the Seas may be too big of a ship to cruise on but it actually is not too big and it is a beautiful ship to cruise on. RCL has done an amazing job on the Anthem's layout because it never felt crowded with no lines anywhere. Even the buffet area and embarkation and debarkation never much of any lines to speak of. I agree the Anthem has more of a hotel feel than a cruise ship which I prefer on Carnival but it was fun to experience another cruise line ship and layout. I think RCL is a great cruise line and I will certainly book them in the future when I am offered a great deal. I am glad I opened up to trying RCL so now I will choose from both RCL and Carnival but Carnival will be my first choice.😎
  6. I was on Splendor out of NYC around this time and the behavior of some of the passengers was terrible. They were way too demanding and treated the waiters in the MDR and other eateries terribly and left a mess at their tables. Cutting in line was the norm. A large family near my cabin would block the hallway with their daily gatherings with their babies in dirty diapers crawling all over the clean hallway carpet. In the disco, a family ganging up on other passengers and fighting and throwing drinks and actually picking up and throwing other passengers on the dance floor with security unable to control the situation. Kids using fowl language with their terrible behavior. I don't know if this was a New York issue and I am from New York but this was awful behavior. I have never experienced this type of behavior on any other Carnival cruise from their other ports. I have also cruises on RCL out of Bayonne, NJ and the passengers were great. After 7 years, I will try Carnival out of NYC again next year and I am expecting to have a great cruise with nice passengers. Hopefully my Splendor experience was just a bad exception.
  7. I had 14 cruises on Carnival. I have always had an excellent time on Carnival. My 15th cruise was on RCL Anthem of the Seas. I thought RCL was great overall, some things better than Carnival like the shows, some things not as good as Carnival like better food options on Carnival (Guys, Blue Iguana, Steakhouse, Bonsai Sushi, Deli and Pizza and Sea Day Brunch to name just a few). In the future, I will be cruising on both cruise lines because of their schedules and pricing out of New York City but Carnival will still be my preferred cruise line. 😎
  8. Good call going the day before. Staying in the Old San Juan area the night before will be fun and a nice start to your vacation. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. I had cruised 14 times only on Carnival and each cruise was awesome. Since my home port is New York City and Carnival has limited seasonal sailings out of NYC, I ventured out and my 15th cruise was on RCL in March. I thought RCL was great overall but Carnival just has more of the fun ship vibe that I do enjoy better. So Carnival is still my go to cruise line but I will certainly cruise on RCL when the schedule and price are right. 😎
  10. San Juan is a favorite port. I like booking the hotel in Old San Juan for the night before departure of the cruise, then to enjoy Old San Juan for the evening, have a relaxing breakfast near the hotel and then walk over to the port. I also like the New York City port. It is about a 2.5 hour train ride for me to this port. Embarking and disembarking is an easy process.
  11. Really nice tour of the ship. Thanks for posting.😎
  12. Enjoy your cruise on the new Mardi Gras. It will be here before you know it. What port does it leave from?
  13. Have a great first cruise! I remember my first cruise and being super excited. Have fun!
  14. I made it to HMC once on a January cruise but had the port cancelled on a March & April cruise. I remember on the January cruise that I made it there was an incredibly hot day and I spent most of the time in the water until the horse tour came by in the water (if you know what I mean). 😎 I look forward to visiting HMC again.
  15. Great review. I was on this cruise last April. I didn't observe rude behavior like you experienced. That is a shame. Leaving dirty plates on tables with people still eating is something I have not seen yet. That is beyond rude. As you mentioned the ports were great. I especially liked St Lucia. Thanks for posting your review.
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