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  1. Probably worth it to reschedule if you can. Then you can have lobster on multiple nights in the dining room and steakhouse. I would reschedule because I do enjoy the unlimited Lobster along with the prime rib in the dining room. 🦞🥩
  2. I checked the rates on Magic for September and I scored a solo cabin with no solo supplement (including cheers). I have not seen "no solo supplement cruise fares" on Carnival in a long time. If you are going solo in the fall, make sure you check Magic rates. This should be a great cruise especially since Magic just got out of dry dock for renovation. Enjoy cruising again to everyone.
  3. When I dined in the steakhouse on Splendor out of Miami, the free bottle of wine was also offered in the steakhouse on the first elegant night of the cruise. Instead of the free bottle of wine, I chose the option of buying multiple bottles of wine at 50% off and I was able to drink those bottles of wine later in the cruise in the Main Dining Room. They had a rule these bottles of wine needed to be opened the night they were purchased in the steakhouse. I purchased twist off bottles instead of cork bottles so they did not bother opening the twist off. I am not sure if this rule is still used. Carnival does not seem to be consistent with the 50% off wine rules.
  4. Your breakfast and dinner menu are my picks also.
  5. I just booked a Canada cruise out of NYC on Magic for Sept 2022. This is a long way out but I am hoping to book another cruise before then when cruising re-starts.
  6. These cabins can be noisy when going into port or when the waves are slapping against the front of the ship. If you are a light sleeper or are sensitive to noise, I would avoid this cabin. I don't mind the noise so I enjoy the value of a larger cabin with the port windows at the lowest cabin price. The beds are twin size and may have a sofa, so depending on the layout of the porthole cabin, it may not be ideal for couples. Overall these port hole cabins are a great value.
  7. This also happened to me. Carnival said the refund was processed but it was not credited to my current credit card # but a prior credit card # that got cancelled due to fraud. I called the credit card company and they applied the credit to the current credit card #.
  8. I would do Playa del Carmen/Cozumel/Cancun all inclusives. I would also go to St Lucia which is my favorite cruise port.
  9. I cruised on Anthem a year ago. It was spotlessly clean. The food was great. I experienced not rowdy behavior. The crew was also great and so was the entertainment. It was such a great cruise that I have it booked again for March 2021. Enjoy Anthem. It is a great RCL ship and the convenience to go out of Bayonne is a real benefit.
  10. Going out on deck on a clear night and look out at the ocean and up at the sky. It is so quiet and peaceful. This is when you really know you are on the ocean.👍
  11. I did a L&S on my March 2021 to March 2022. My switch was an exact match on ship, itinerary and cabin so there was no problem at all.
  12. Yes, I did a L&S from March 2021 to March 2022 without any issues.
  13. Congratulations Navycruiser on a great deal. Enjoy the upgrade.😎
  14. I miss the steak and eggs and French fries at the seaday brunch. I also miss the Bloody Mary bar at the entrance of the MDR at the brunch. My favorite is the Bloody Mary made with gin instead of vodka with extra olives.😎
  15. Carnival cancelled my Sep 2020 Radiance cruise out of NYC. I requested my refund on April 17th. Today I received my steakhouse and bottled water refund along with $300 of my $900 deposit. They still need to refund the remaining $600 of the deposit. I charged everything on the same credit card so I am not sure why I received only $300 of the $900 deposit but at least Carnival is working on it in in a 5 week period so far.
  16. Unfortunately I also will be taking a break from cruising for at least 2-3 years as precaution due to health concerns. I had my Legend cruise cancelled for May, then my Sept Radiance cruise cancelled in Sept. Both out of New York. I look forward to cruising with Carnival again. Hopefully there is a proven vaccine approved sooner than later and things can get back as close to normal a possible. Stay safe and healthy everyone.😎
  17. Can the OBC also be used for the Cheers package or does it not apply to alcohol?
  18. I am on one of the cancelled Radiance cruises. I did not yet get the email with the terms of cancellation. How is the FCC calculated? Is it just the value of the deposit? Thank you and stay healthy so we can all cruise again soon.😀
  19. Radiance appears to be off the New York City schedule as well. I am scheduled on this ship out of NYC in Sept and it is no longer bookable.
  20. I look forward to trying the Seafood Shack on the Radiance in Sept hopefully.
  21. I did this Fascination itinerary almost 2 years ago. I think this was my favorite cruise. I enjoyed spending the night before embarkation at a hotel near the port. Old San Juan is awesome and a lot to do. San Juan has easy embarkation/debarkation. There is great shopping near the port for pharmacy items and wine. The ship is small but still a lot to do and good updates with a great crew and it was very clean. I did miss not having the steakhouse but you can get the steakhouse selections in the dining room. The ports, especially St. Lucia are all great. I look forward to doing this itinerary again someday.
  22. Glad to see most people still want to cruise. I like the positive vibes in this thread.
  23. I'm also booked on a Radiance Sep-20 NYC on the Canada/New England itinerary. I will keep this booking as well. It will be something to look forward to especially on a refurbished ship on an awesome itinerary. I have been on this itinerary twice before on Carnival and it will be a great cruise. I especially enjoy Halifax. Let's all hope for the best for all.
  24. There is a small wine shop at the port just before you go through security to the ship. The prices are good and so is the selection of wines. This is more convenient than going out to the street to CVS.
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