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  1. Sort of sounds like it is just for "overweight" people...😁 Sorry, but I couldn't resist...
  2. Why would you care? Princess states that formal night sttire is for the main dining rooms only. So I've often seen such casual dress in other venues on formal nights and it never bothered me in my tux even if they sat right next to me. Perhaps they didn't even own formal wear, couldn't fit in their luggage, or just didn't want to bother. If they didn't dress up, they could've eaten in the buffet or had room service or they changed out of formal clothes after dinner. Let them enjoy THEIR cruise and don't let it bother you while you enjoy YOURS!
  3. I've used the "crew" stairs at the very back of the ships before and not just for muster drill, The crew doesn't use them much since they really don't go between decks much (at least the stewards) during their daily routine. If "caught" by a crew member, probably at the most they'd tell you not to use then anymore. Of course you could use the excuse that you just wanted to familiarize yourself with an additional evacuation route in case of emergency. Remember, it's easier to beg forgiveness then it is to ask permission! Just my opinion/experience...
  4. Not sure how it's supposed to work, but we cancelled our 10/31/20 cruise in a YC cabin on our own back in July about a week or two before MSc cancelled the cruise. It was within the 90-120 day window prior to embarkation, so we weren't expecting a refund of the deposit. But to our surprise, we just got a deposit refund yesterday!
  5. Not an expert, but I thought the 7-day RTs to Alaska were from Seattle, not Vancouver. Aren’t the VAN cruises 1-ways to/from Alaska?
  6. Can the OP go back and edit the thread title to reflect 1/31/2021 instead of 2020?
  7. My dive knife isn't that big but even though I've never had to use it on a dive, I just know the first time I don't bring it will be the time I do need it 😉 Never had a problem getting it on a ship (Princess) in my checked luggage, but they usually do "find" it when I reboard after diving. Subsequent ports are not usually a problem getting it back for diving as they keep it near the debarkation exit. However, the BAD thing is that at the end of the cruise, they usually give the knife to the port security folks and I have to track them down to get it before leaving the terminal. That can be
  8. I do believe you get Delta Club access if you are in Business Class on an Delta international flight. Don't you get Delta club access even if you're flying on a Delta Code Share Flight? Which Flight is cheaper?
  9. Maybe there are some small wading pools in the kids areas??
  10. So we're booked on the sailing the departs ON 11/30/21... which deck plan do we use? It's confusing since it says AFTER Nov 30 and we will be on her "after" 11/30 but the cruise begins ON 11/30. Semantics can be tricky sometimes...☺️
  11. I saw nothing about the upcoming sale on their web site. Where did you get your information about it? Nevermind - Found it! Thanks
  12. Here's a number I got from the VC folks in an e-mail back in February. Whether or not it's still any good after covid is unknown to me... 877-665-4655
  13. When did you apply to Carnival? If it was pre-COVID it wouldn't be a fair comparison to today's situation. Anyway, to answer your question, we applied back in February using the status match program and my wife got her # in a few days, but it took a few weeks and a few e-mails and phone calls for mine to come through even though the applications were identical and submitted at the same time. Good luck
  14. I believe "No Contact" actually means "no UNPROTECTED contact." If a person is wearing full PPE (and I'm pretty sure those performing COVID testing were), then that is not considered contact.
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