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  1. I will take the 70's disco party any night over another magician/juggler!
  2. Watched Allure sail back in on webcam. Can't wait to be back on a ship!
  3. We have not been "required" to wear masks for months. I am fully vaccinated and still wear a surgical mask indoors while shopping, etc. I do not even notice I have it on. Now kn95 and n95 are more uncomfortable but I will wear them if I feel I need to. That being said, we are cruising in 3 weeks and hope not to have to wear masks onboard. I feel the vaccination rate is much better on the ship than at the grocery store.
  4. Does anyone have a photo of a SV on Edge that shows the bed by the balcony that they could post?The photos I have seen have all been bed by bathroom.
  5. What time is sail away tomorrow? Hoping to watch from beach .
  6. We usually call those "Emergency Cruises". After a bad day at work my husband comes home and tries to book something that we can hop on soon. Of course that was Pre-Covid. We are going in August, but booked it in late June.
  7. I also noticed that none of the websites are showing Edge in Roatan. Ships from other cruise lines are there.I am very skeptical that we will be going there.
  8. Are they still requiring vaccinated guests to book Celebrity excursions in Cozumel? Royal and Carnival are other allowing vaccinated guest to do private excursions or go into town. Masks are still required. Thanks.
  9. Hoping for you to get good news, They should at least make special concessions for those already sailing. Thank you again for taking the time to answer our questions the last few weeks!
  10. We are sailing next month on Edge. We are not in any Facebook or shipmate group so I am not sure that is a good way to judge occupancy. There do seem to be a lot of cabins available. of course it is getting closer to the heart of hurricane season so that may be keeping some people away also.
  11. Enjoying all of the helpful information about this cruise. Quick question about Costa Maya. Were you required to wear your mask while wandering around the port area shops and pool?
  12. Would love to hear how the terminal check in process goes. Masks, crowding, and time. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Has anyone heard if this is affecting other cruises besides the June 26th Edge sailing?
  14. We will be following along as all of you head out on Edge. We will be on her in August and look forward to any details that you can pass along. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Enchantment is my favorite. Great for sail away parties!
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