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  1. We jumped on the Mariner to Bermuda also. Looking at the alternate to Aruba as well. Too convenient to pass up.
  2. January on Brilliance for us. Were scheduled for a 8 night on Adventure in April for our anniversary.
  3. Glad we did a lift and shift on our April cruise. Nothing else scheduled until November. We had hoped to jump on a few short ones this summer if they started up. I guess we will have to hope they can sail this summer.
  4. We just did a lift and shift on our April 2021 to April 2022. It looks like our next will be November of 2021 on Radiance, Southern Caribbean (originally Explorer to ABC's)
  5. Just stayed home and fried turkey for the two of us instead of the usual 10 - 14. Missed spending time with family and friends, but very thankful we were all safe and healthy. Looking forward to 2021!
  6. Carnival just canceled all cruises through Jan. 31st. Others though Feb and Mar. They will start up with only Port Canaveral and Miami. https://www.wftv.com/news/local/carnival-cruise-line-cancels-all-us-cruises-through-january-2021/XJAON4ALINCVTONQTU4N3UGMKM/
  7. We usually have about 10 family members for Thanksgiving. My sister is in poor health and on oxygen 24/7 and my mother is 84. Not worth the risk this year. I am cooking most of the usual food, but it will just be two of us.
  8. We are in the same situation with our November 2021 cruise. Booked it for ABC's and the size of Explorer. Now we get a smaller ship and not ABC's. We will probably cancel.
  9. I miss cruising, but also miss visiting family and friends. We usually cruise around 6 times year and I look forward to cruising again when things settle down. My savings account has never looked so good!
  10. Makes me sad😢 Sovereign was our first Royal ship and we sailed Monarch many times out of Port Canaveral. Lots of great memories aboard both ships.
  11. I think the cruise lines will make it mandatory at first. As a healthcare worker, it will probably mandatory for us like the flu vaccine is to maintain employment.
  12. We enjoy getting off the ship in Nassau, except in really hot months. We usually walk down to Fish Fry and always stop at "Gone Fishin" on the way back. We enjoy the food and enjoy talking to the locals.
  13. My letter was addressed to Alexander...We do not have an Alexander here so I did not take it personally!
  14. The Royal Suite is an awesome cabin. The balcony is not huge but plenty big enough for us. I would bid on it,
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