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  1. It has been 75 days and 3 phone calls so far on our latest one to to Radiance cancellation at the first of August. Waiting on a call back because no one seems to know what is going on.
  2. Would still like to see what they are saying. We are traveling with friends and family on all cruises and would hate to be bumped from our cabins. Final payment due next week.
  3. Can someone please post a copy of the email you have received about changing your cabin? I am stressing out because we have 4 cruises booked in that timeframe and one is a B2B.
  4. The daytime activities were mostly trivia, adult coloring, bracelet making and zumba by the pool. At night the usual shows, a few gameshows, and the silent disco. I agree that Royal has more to offer for young adults. Even at our age (50-60), we only choose Celebrity when we are mainly planning to relax.
  5. We were on the Edge in August and even though there were only 800 passengers on board, the Martini Bar was always busy. Enjoyed going for music before and after dinner.
  6. Can anyone who has cruised in a Junior Suite on Mariner since the restart tell me if they still have to coffee pots in the cabins? And if so, which type are they? Thanks
  7. We have never done a B2B before. When you get back on the ship, will anything be open for drinks? Do you have to wait until all cabins are ready to go back to your stateroom?
  8. We are doing a B2B on Mariner in November. Looking forward to following your post. Enjoy your cruise.
  9. We did our tests through a local urgent care and my original report had our names and date of testing handwritten on a preprinted form. I contacted them and said I needed a more detailed report. They sent me one with name, date of birth, date and time of test, name of test kit, lot number and expiration date along with our results. It said testing for travel. I would call them and request something better.
  10. No problem. We will probably stay onboard anyway. Sad to see so much still closed.
  11. Do you rmember if the beach bars (I am thinking Bikini Tiki Hut and Seagulls) are open at Junkaroo beach? We are trying to decide if we are getting off the ship next week when we are there.
  12. Big Red Boat was my first cruise as well in the late 80's. Good memories.
  13. Hope this leg of your trip wll go smoothly and you can get Edge back to Ft. Lauderdale so we can join you for the 8/21 cruise.
  14. Thanks for posting Ken. Do you know if we can get a refund if we paid for it with a FCC? Don't really need another FCC.
  15. Losing our 9 night Radiance that started out as Explorer . Can't say that I am suprised. We paid for that one with our FCC from cancelled April 2020. Will wait for the official cancellation so we can look at lift and shift options. Currently scheduled on Celebrity on August 21. Not sure we will be going on that one either.
  16. They state 30 minutes to an hour at the Urgent Care. Volusia County and Indian River County both have CVS stores that perform Rapid tests. Not sure why Brevard County does not. Some Walgreens do offer the NAAT test which should be acceptable , but I do not need the stress of worrying about it. We are on 8/21 cruise and plan to have test late afternoon on 8/18. I will try to report back on how it goes.
  17. None of the CVS in our county offer the rapid antigen test. The PCR says 1 - 2 days, but with the high level of Covid in our area, I am concerned it might take longer. We have decided to use a local Urgent Care that charges $75.
  18. We are on Edge 8/21. We each got the email today that unvaccinated need to get test at port with the link to schedule. We are both vaccinated. We never received the email on Friday about evryone needed to be tested. I hope they can send out some clear guidance. Just hoping masks will not be required. That will be a deal breaker for us. I do not mind wearing masks to grocery store, etc. I do not want to wear a mask the whole time on a cruise.
  19. I will take the 70's disco party any night over another magician/juggler!
  20. Watched Allure sail back in on webcam. Can't wait to be back on a ship!
  21. We have not been "required" to wear masks for months. I am fully vaccinated and still wear a surgical mask indoors while shopping, etc. I do not even notice I have it on. Now kn95 and n95 are more uncomfortable but I will wear them if I feel I need to. That being said, we are cruising in 3 weeks and hope not to have to wear masks onboard. I feel the vaccination rate is much better on the ship than at the grocery store.
  22. Does anyone have a photo of a SV on Edge that shows the bed by the balcony that they could post?The photos I have seen have all been bed by bathroom.
  23. What time is sail away tomorrow? Hoping to watch from beach .
  24. We usually call those "Emergency Cruises". After a bad day at work my husband comes home and tries to book something that we can hop on soon. Of course that was Pre-Covid. We are going in August, but booked it in late June.
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