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  1. Also heard May. Will be on the Sky next week and many crew members friends. Will find out more and post.
  2. We did the Jade, Dawn, Pearl and 5 trips on the Sky this year and think all were the glow party. Don't remember the crew wearing the Hot White tee's like they always did.
  3. On several cruise's this year it has changed to a glow party.
  4. Tip a buck a drink and have to tell BT, easy on the pour.
  5. Just off the Pearl and shorts every dining venue except Le Bistro. May be allowed in Le Bistro, just didn't see any.
  6. Sometimes yes and other times no.
  7. Brillohead, very interesting and through. Thanks
  8. NCL bartenders made some darn good martini's.
  9. It was on the weekend and pcc didn't pickup. Wanted to make the upgrade change b/4 rates changed. Maybe I need a new pcc.
  10. Agree with everything you said. This rep just didn't want to do it. Will call pcc tomarrow and see what he does.
  11. Have not rec'd the above mentioned email and when called to upgrade, told the NCL agent bout this and he laughed and said not to worry. Have 3 future cruises booked, first one in 4 weeks. Just saying.
  12. Is Barry back on the Sky? He left for vacation early Oct. Short vacation.
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