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  1. On the local news, all ncl cruises suspended till end of sept.
  2. Done the IS Gty many times and always been happy with cabin.
  3. Not nice to say this, but think anyone booking a cruise in Aug or Sept this year in out of their mind.
  4. Don't fret cause no one is sailing soon. You will have passports in plenty of time for your next cruise.
  5. What can substitute for Chilla Orchata?
  6. Have a Sky cruise mid Sept. Willing to bet the homestead no go.
  7. When ever someone sneezed or coughed next to me, would have to go change my shorts. Talk about a shortage of T-paper.
  8. Faith is believing in what you know isn't so. Think said by W.C. Fields.
  9. Their will be a lot of time to sort this all out.
  10. There will be zero cruise's rest of this year. Lets get real about this.
  11. We will all be very surprised and probably disappointed at CCL announcement on Mon.
  12. Someone on another board posted start up Jan 2021. Probably right.
  13. There are pro's playing games, some can't hardly read or write making 30 million a year. Think about that.
  14. Also heard May. Will be on the Sky next week and many crew members friends. Will find out more and post.
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