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  1. Exactly and I work in healthcare and I don’t get to cancel my vacation time that late in the game. I either go on another last minute vacation or spend my time sitting at home for a week. Neither which appeal to me. So it just made sense for us. I have no doubt my kids will be vaccinated by the new cruise date.
  2. We unfortunately decided to push our cruise back to next January instead of this January. This whole exemption nonsense stresses me out and I don’t want to find out the week before our cruise that we can’t go.
  3. My husband and I feel the same way. We love the mdr but we don’t want our meal strung out. Now we’re bringing our twins on their first cruise and they’ll be 4. We for sure do not want to sit there that long.
  4. Thank you so much for your insight! My husband and I talked about it and we’re going to leave around 3am from Illinois to attempt to hit ATL mid afternoon before rush hour. We’ll likely stay somewhere south of there for the evening, stop for dinner and relax the rest of the evening. We’re hoping to do 4ish hours the next day, since we did the Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona route growing up, I’ll probably go that way just out of familiarity!
  5. I had the same thought when I saw the videos. The little shelves are pretty small and don’t look ideal to hold anything other than a cell phone or small alarm clock. I guess I like the ottoman idea the best.. I guess we could pull that over next to the bed?
  6. Can anyone link some good photo reviews for me? I need some to get by until we cruise! The more the merrier!
  7. Where do you live? You have time! Try your local county’s website. I’m in Illinois and you can apply for birth certificates and marriage license copies online and have them mailed to you. Super convenient if you’re not local to the office. You can cruise without the passport, you’ll need a legit birth certificate, the one with the state seal from the government. Also a photo ID. Someone will have to inform you about the Real ID, I don’t know if one of those are required. Honestly, I’m not sure what an expedited passport is costing these days, but I would say it’s not even probably a guarantee you’ll get it, they’re extremely backed up.
  8. I agree about the dining rooms. I mean, honestly I don’t really get involved in the debate over table cloths vs. no table cloths because it doesn’t really matter that much to me. However, I really was underwhelmed with the dining room. It didn’t fit the decor of the ship IMO. What I’ve seen so far the ship is very glitzy, glam-y, but also classy and the dining rooms just were blah. They were extremely casual looking.
  9. I really think it looks beautiful. I also have concern with the buffet area seeming small. But honestly with the ability to get breakfast at the coffee house, where I’ll likely be anyways, I’m ok with avoiding the buffet. Lunch has so many options too, I bet they’re banking on the fact that people will use the other places to eat that are free.. blue iguana, big chicken, guys, cucina and maybe others all being free for lunch hopefully will lighten the demand on the buffet. I can’t wait to see more!
  10. Yeah I’m not understanding the logic here. I’d imagine the coffee maker is going to be cleaned as well as anything else. That’s really surprising that they would disappear due to Covid.
  11. So we’re in Central Illinois, we generally would plan to take I57 and get on I-24 in Southern Illinois. We could potentially take I65 south down to Montgomery but that’s just feels really out of the way. I know we could potentially go down the east coast but in January that feels really sketchy..
  12. Will your room be ready too or just priority boarding?
  13. That’s the exact answer I needed. Thank you!
  14. I’m done with the internet today lol
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