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  1. No, we loved it!! I Would absolutely recommend it. An aft view is a wonderful experience if you’ve never done one before.
  2. We had one on deck 7 that was mostly covered. I think we were in 7464 if my memory serves me correctly, you wouldn’t be exposed to the sun from above unless standing at the railing.
  3. It certainly appears more than just a few sqft bigger than a traditional balcony.. it’s hard to know for sure, but I would say on the end of the hump it looks like a good location!
  4. Thanks guys! Your thoughts helped me. We flew southwest and really liked it, but we live close to Chicago Midway so that’s an easy choice for us. We had a nice experience. But Spirit just feels too budget-y if that makes sense. I don’t need to be pampered when I fly, I just need the basics. I don’t care about entertainment and food/drink. But I also want to have a hassle free experience. But honestly, looking at it, it probably wouldn’t save us that much money to fly Spirit. With 4 of us checking bags, southwest would probably be cheaper given the 2 checked bags free.
  5. I’m looking for real life experiences. I’ve only ever flown with delta and southwest before. So flying Spirit is a new experience, but the prices are so good we may not be able to pass it up. We don’t need frills. I don’t need in flight entertainment, although WiFi for purchase would be nice. We mainly care about sitting together, only because we have 2 little kids. I know the option to pay to pick your seat is available, but would they separate a mom and a 4 year old if we don’t pay for that? I know there’s a lot of different upgrade options available that I’m sure add up quickly. Well
  6. Thank you! I’m all for saving money, but not sacrificing my sanity lol! I’m happy to consider the other airports if it saves significant money, but I don’t want it to complicate things either!
  7. Thanks! That could be a good option!!
  8. Does this hold true for gold too? I’m would turn gold on my next cruise. Will I be good to start out the cruise?
  9. I just noticed one of the airlines I was looking at flies into Orlando Sanford and not MCO. Is that way out of the way? Farther from the port? I’ve never flown to Orlando before so I’m just trying to figure out what the best flight is.
  10. Has anyone heard about the dining room dinner menu’s on the Mardi Gras. Obviously none of us have sailed her so we don’t know for sure. But I was hoping there was info out on one of the Carnival social media accounts.. Will the Mardi Gras stay on the American Table menu?
  11. Thanks!! I do have several of those stores, although I feel like I’ve looked at a few of them before. I suppose I’m one of those annoying people they’re trying to stop, but I like to throw a $25 or $50 on at my grocery check out. I apply them to my sign and sail on board. I don’t drink enough to benefit from cheers, but this sure does help take the sting off at the end!
  12. Oh gosh, thanks! I didn’t realize that! I mean, that’s probably accurate!
  13. Does anyone know anywhere you can purchase a carnival gift card in a smaller denomination than $100? Our local grocery stores used to have them, but I’m having a hard time locating them now. And I found where carnival sells them online but the smallest one was for $100.
  14. What about access to cabins when you board?
  15. We’re going to be booking the Mardi Gras! So I’ll keep an eye out for this! And if I get any emails or anything I’ll let you guys know!
  16. We’re not booking for the perks, so they’re ultimately just a bonus for us. Our kids are too young to have their own room, so we like the space of a suite. That’s our biggest perk!
  17. Does priority boarding mean you get the vip area of the terminal or just boarding first after plats/Diamonds?
  18. It’s been a few years since we’ve taken a cruise. I think our last was 2016. Since then I stayed away from the cruise news, I just had a lot of things going on.. but, now we’re ready to cruise again and then covid hit. Anyways, when booking a suite on one of the ships, what’s the perks? I know it’s not the most fantastic perks but just not sure what those are!
  19. I can’t remember cost, but it was very reasonable IMO. We did SAS on the way back too, they’re so incredibly organized and timely! I would use them every single time we cruised out of Miami. If you fly into FLL, which for us is almost always cheaper because of southwest airlines, you have to get to Miami own way or another. None of the hotels in Miami are going to shuttle you from FLL, so that leaves you with a taxi or Uber/Lyft . You could certainly use those options too, but Incan guarantee they’ll cost you more. We had SAS booked and our flight was delayed and right after landing they
  20. We loved this hotel for a quick stay before our cruise. Easily walkable to the mall across the street. We grabbed muffins at the Starbucks for a quick breakfast the night before and took them back to our room. It was perfect for us. We had dinner the night before there and walked around a bit too. It was fun. I would 100% book there again. As far as cruise transportation, we didn’t plan that and we were able to easily grab a taxi outside of the hotel the morning of our cruise for an extremely short trip and drop off right at the terminal. We flew into FLL and used SAS airport transportation
  21. For those of you who have cruised from Port Canaveral before, what’s the best way to handle our pre-cruise stay. We will fly in the day before the cruise, but we’d like to probably stay in Port Canaveral vs an airport hotel. Just due to the mentality of get as close to the cruise as possible so we don’t have to stress or worry the day of. I’m assuming it’s not likely we’ll find a hotel in PC that will have an airport shuttle? It will be my husband and I and our twin 4 year olds traveling. Would we better off booking some sort of shuttle or just grabbing an Uber when we get there?
  22. My twins will be 4.5 when we sail. We booked a family harbour suite. We’re looking forward to it. We would love to do adjoining rooms later on, but with them being little we really didn’t think we should. Aside from having more room in 2 cabins, we really felt like the suite would be a great compromise!
  23. We really like it. The main downfall I can come up with is the fact that if you want to eat right when the MDR opens there’s usually a line of people waiting for the dining room doors to open. Also, if you want a table for 2, there can be a wait. But we really love it and always choose it for the flexibility!
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