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  1. We have stayed in these sideway inside cabins on deck 14 on the Emerald a Princess, sister ship to the Crown. Loved them. No noise from the above pools. We are never in our cabin during the day. These cabins are very spacious and wouldn’t think twice about booking them.
  2. Excellent! Thanks you so much. Enjoy your cruise. The ship looks wonderful!
  3. Pictures of the aft pool area and deck if you are able to post. What I’m most interested in is the Royal/Regal have a lovely area at the aft of the ship on the lido deck with deck sectionals sofas and chairs where you can sit and enjoy a drink and view off the aft of the ship. Some pics I have seen suggest there may be some sectional sofas and chairs on the deck above just outside of the gym. Thanks if you take the time to take these pics. Enjoy your cruise!🛳
  4. These are the photos of Window Suite. The other is only the Oeanview Cabin.
  5. I know the Royal class ships have a sports court that unorganized PickleBall is played on. Is there a court on the Emerald?
  6. Refundable deposit is just that. You cancel before final payment your deposit is totally refundable. Nonrefundable deposit is just what the word says. It’s nonrefundable. You cancel your cruise you will not get your deposit back. Never heard of the scenario you mentioned about losing only 100.00 and the rest of your deposit going into a credit.
  7. Thanks for the info. Will certainly look into this company. Funny that I’m from Calgary and my sister is from Winnipeg.
  8. Looking for recommendations for Canadian Travel Insurance Companies that cover pre-existing conditions. We are booked for Hawaii Tahiti 28 day cruise in February 2020 and my sister and husband are suppose to travel with us. My sister has been in the hospital most of the summer but it does look like she is getting out soon and we need to explore how much a good travel insurance policy will cost her that will cover pre-existing conditions. Need this info before final payment early October. Thanks.
  9. I just checked my two cruises I have booked. My 28 day cruise for February 2020 booked at 1.25 exchange rate now shows If I buy OBC it will be at 1.35 yet my cruise I booked in May for February 2021 at 1.30 exchange rate still shows I can buy my OBC at 1.30. Does not make sense. And the wording that Coral shared said the new exchange rate would effect new bookings effective June 5. It did not say the exchange rate was retroactive. Hopefully this is another one of Princess’s IT mess ups that will take a few days to sort out.
  10. Our American TA can book us in American funds or Canadian funds and gives great discounts. Anywhere from 8-12%. When she first starting offering her pricing in CDN funds I did the math and her price and discount were the same whether I booked in CDN or American funds.
  11. We book the Sky Princess for 2021 for 20 days. We are from Canada but our small office TA is in the US she can book us in CDN funds or US funds and always saves me 8-10% off of the launch Princess fare or any sale price. She saved us $250.00 per person on this booking.
  12. I just booked on line on Wednesday for the Sky Princess 2021 and did a courtesy hold and told my TA to transfer it over to her. No problem. She had it that same day and I received her discounted invoice this morning. Maybe some TA’s have more pull with Princess?
  13. I am told the the PVP and TA’s can see these itineraries but can not but them till May 8. I have spoken to my TA today and that’s what she said and our friends spoke with their PVP this morning who said the same thing. Took one request for what we want to book but have to wait till May 8 and 9.
  14. My TA who I know a lot of you use confirmed yesterday that these itineraries open May 8 for Elite and May 9 for everyone else. There’s nothing on the Princess web site today for these itineraries so I do believe my TA knows what she is saying!😊
  15. I have had this in the past when wanting to book a cruise that can be booked as a b2b - 2 - 10 days cruise or 1 - 20 day cruise and the cabin I want is not available on the 20 day cruise but is available on the 10 day b2b cruise. A good TA can call Princess and get them to change the cabin you want to be the one cruise and not a b2b cruise. I have even done this by calling Princess myself when my TA was away. Just asked to speak to someone in the Inventory Department. But this is a good case example why using a good TA is worth your time.
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