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  1. Is it working for anyone using iOS? Not working for me.
  2. I can see Rotterdam moving into the frame in Tampa webcam. Beautiful in the evening sun.
  3. Does it mean it will depart from NOLA year round? I was kind of hoping for a Dream class ship out of NOLA, doing the 4 day 5 day sailings.
  4. Great! Thanks! Do you know if I can access the forward deck outside the fitness area without paying extra? (I am not in a suite).
  5. Are there hot tubs in the pool area? I can't quite tell by the deck plans. Also are there hot tubs in the aft retreat?
  6. This is port of Tampa webcam. Can someone tell me what I am looking at? Where is Rotterdam?
  7. I was going to say the exact same thing. I like pineapple fillings.
  8. I also think smaller ships such as Empress do not attract as many kids.
  9. I have a nearly identical dilemma, just for a different week. I am leaning toward the 8 day as well. I mean I will need to take 5 days off work, might as well get my vacation's worth.
  10. molole

    Free Wi-fi

    Can two people use the two devices simultaneously?
  11. Thank you! I will switch as we were not going to upgrade even though I booked before November 12th.
  12. The cruise I booked had Drinks on Us and now when I check it on MSC USA website it has Easy Package at the same price. Do you think I should switch or stay put? @Até
  13. were all 3 of you able to access the internet simultaneously?
  14. Bob, are you saying two people cannot surf the internet simultaneously if they have a two device package purchased under one person's name?
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