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  1. The premium tea for sale at the IC is Mighty Leaf Tea from San Rafel, CA. I bring my own Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical on the ship. ML Tea can be ordered online at MLT.com and they have tea pouches as well as loose teas. The current cost for a box of 100 tea bags is about $57.00.
  2. I was on the second SF to Alaska cruise on the Star this year. All the daily Patters will tell you the dress code for the evening, today's and tomorrow's forecast and today's sunrise and sunset. I have learned alot on these boards thanks to previous cruisers' postings. While I cannot scan the Patters, I will be happy to answer specific questions. While I DO understand that food is subjective, I have formed my own opinion about food on Princess after three cruises--two on the Grand, one on the Star. This is only MY opinion--most people have their own. I think Princess does pasta and fish dishes satisfactorily to very good. After an issue with their steak--I could not cut it and it had no beef taste--I have given up on beef on Princess. All the deserts I have tried have been very good. I have to give a shout out to the crew on Princess; they work very long hours and do their best to insure that passengers have very good service--doing this while usually receiving low wages. I have found this to be true in all areas of the Star and the Grand. I am now sailing on Princess because of their decision to sail from and to San Francisco. Questions are welcome--no flames are required or desired.
  3. Colo Cruiser is correct. The minis are all the same--the only difference is covered vs. not covered. Oh, they also give you a glass of Champagne in the minis--if you like Champagne, I would advise against drinking it. Bon Voyage!
  4. The minis on the Emerald deck aft are excellent. They have a large closet, a full bathtub, a sofa and two TVs. They are covered. Take the deck 8 mini and don't look back.
  5. Hi Pam--Please send me an email to johnsfo100@gmail.com. I have a question for you. Thank you. John in San Francisco
  6. I verified today that the soda only package is $5.18 pp per day. That means fountain sodas only--not in cans or bottles.
  7. Water is free on the Lido (cafeteria) deck--just bring your own container. Juice is free at Breakfast--it is charged at any other time.
  8. Please let me know where smoking is permitted on the Star. I might be on her during the Alaska season from San Francisco. Thank you.
  9. Alfredos is also available on the Grand. It's pizza made to order (no pasta) and very good. I hope Princess expands Alfredos to all ships.
  10. Noise from the Vista lounge? In my experience in E725, there is no noise on the starboard side. Can't speak to the port side.
  11. When I board a Crystal ship, I have the feeling that I am going home. I'll add another description: understated elegance.
  12. hmh60--I can only tell you about my experience. In the rooms and after the crew's drill was announced, the speaker from the bridge went further (in the rooms) to say "For the crew, etc). In no way was it my intention to say anything bad about Princess. Both lines do their best to provide quality cruising at their very different price points. In many ways, Crystal and Princess cannot be compared as they are in very different categories.
  13. After 6 cruises on Crystal (Harmony, Symphony and Serenity), I have just completed my 2nd cruise on the Grand Princess--One being SF to Alaska, return, the last being SF to Hawaii, return. There are IMHO vast differences between the two lines. I always kept in mind that the Grand Princess carries 2,600 passengers (on the Hawaii cruise, it was 2,900 passengers including children) when it comes to food vs. Crystal's aprx 1000 passengers. Crystal's food is excellent because their budget for food (per person per day) is considerably higher than that of the Princess ships. As a result, I found that I could be satisfied with the pizza in Alfredo's Pizza (on the Grand but not on all Princess ships) as the pizzas are made to order; the fish and pasta entrees in the MDR's. I avoided beef dishes after one try. The dress code for formal nights on Princess are such that most people dress up, some don't. Princess has a wonderful champagne waterfall on the first formal night. On the holiday cruise, some people sitting next to the waterfall were in flip-flops and dungarees. I think that both Crystal and Princess strive to give passengers the best experience they can for their individual price points. As has been repeated on this board many times, it is great that we have so many lines to choose from. Each line is different from each other and within a specific line the differences will vary from ship to ship. An Elite passenger on Princess enjoys a bar set up in their cabin, pre-dinner appetizers, and free laundry done for them. Everything is nickel and dimed on Princess and the announcements are made about the art auctions, crew drills in your cabin even if they are addressed to crew members only, and on the Hawaii cruise the cruise director took to the microphone to read the entire day's events called the Patter even thou this paper is delivered to all cabins, and from the officer of the watch regarding location of the ship, weather, etc. Crystal does make one announcement per day at 12 Noon period. Enough said. Happy and Healthy New Year to all my Crystal and Princess friends. John Mokricky
  14. There were no mats on the balcony of E725 (aft mini-suite). During two trips on the Grand--both in E725; one Alaska and the 2nd holiday cruise--we have not had mats on the balcony. Since they were our first two cruises on Princess, I haven't seen a balcony mat so I don't know if they add or subtract. I heard of water and smell problems on deck 9. Did not encounter any myself. Did not attend any movies or lectures. We very much enjoyed being on a ship over the holidays so we booked the Star from San Francisco over the 2014 Christmas/New Year holiday. The pizza at Alfredo's (deck 5) continues to be a great alternative to the dining room on occasion.
  15. bdjam--I agree with you that foresight on the part of Princess to cancel earlier would have been better and could have relieved a little stress.
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