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  1. Thanks guys, it was very useful information!
  2. Hi Guys... Its our first MSC cruise and first time in the Baltics.... 1. Is there an ATM machine onboard the ship with Euro? 2. We are going to Sct. Petersburg (Russia) so can we buy Russian currency on the ship? we don't like to use ATM in Russia do to security issues. 3. Can we use Euro´s in Russia on tourist sites, we are going on a "MSC excursion" to the Winter palace. Krydstosser (Cruise Maniacs in Danish) 😄
  3. Thanks, I think we will arrive about 12 so we kan enjoy our lunch in the buffet restaurant :-) Thanks again!
  4. Det er vi spændt på, elsker shows.... tak for info :-)
  5. Mange tak det var en stor hjælp, vi er meget spændte da der jo er delte meninger om MSC men vi går ombord med et åbent sind 🙂 Mvh.
  6. Its our first MSC cruise.... How early can we go onboard the ship? We have a fantastica balcony cabin and embark in july. Krydstosser... (Means Cruise maniacs in Danish :-D )
  7. I think the Captain should have waited in port instead of sailing through this storm. Why bring the passenger and the vessel through this uncomfortable experience even if all the engines running. In my opinion its very unprofessional, dangerous and damaging to their brand. They will be sued for billions now. Soeren
  8. In 2014 we booked online and had a wonderful 12 day cruise with Oceana in the med. I have now booked with another company, sad that P&O don't wan´t my credit card. Soeren
  9. Thanks very much for the advice, but I still think it´s ridiculous that P & O excludes foreigners from their webpage...... we are in year 2019 after all. Soeren
  10. If you are UK resident you can actually choose cabin on the P&O website. Soeren
  11. I think it´s weird that P & O don't allow foreigners buy Cruises online... P & O customers service (Lucy) said it was a currency issue?? ... but with Rccl, Celebrity and Carnival are there no problem with my danish master or visa credit card or currency issues?? For me it is more Convenient due to language issues to shop online, so I must shop elsewhere... with Rccl or other companies. Why lose customers because of currency matters?? I think it is bad business. Best regards Soeren (Don´t mind my spelling i am danish)
  12. Let me get it right? If you are american the water is free? but not if you are Danish, Swedish or German etc.....
  13. I always buy a drink package but I think this water issue is the most crazy thing i have ever heard, why get bad reviews because of missing water?? maybe its me but I think this is bad or stupid business 😄
  14. We have been on 8 cruises.... No water on the table??? I am shocked??? Why not?? Did you asked?
  15. Thanks for a great review! wasn't there free tap water with ice cubes at the dinner table?? We are going on our first MSC cruise in july...
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