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  1. Thanks. I look forward to your comments after you return. -John
  2. I wondered if any of you have experience with the Smyril Line's Norrona between Denmark and Iceland and back via the Faroe Islands. DW and I have their brochure and it looks intriguing, but I know nothing about them. Thanks, -John
  3. Has anyone cruised with the Smyril Line's Norrona from Denmark to Iceland via the Faroe Islands, and back to Denmark? I got their brochure, and it looks interesting, but I haven't seen much online about the experience. Thanks, -John
  4. I normally send between 50 and 75 postcards of the ship per cruise to friends and fellow travelers. On a recent Fascination cruise, I found out that Carnival has not offered them since about 2012! It used to be that you could get them from your cabin steward (free), the front desk (free), or from the gift shop (nominal charge). Now, they are nowhere to be found. Is that just the Fascination or is it fleet wide? Our last Carnival cruise before this was the Breeze in 2012, and they had postcards. Does anyone else miss them? Thanks, -John
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