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  1. In the UK we have to pay £100 to refare and can only do it once!!!!!!!!!! Princess should have the same rules worldwide
  2. I am interested in 3 cruises and have priced them today. Let's see if there is any increase on the price on the 20th of December Waiting patiently!
  3. We saw this last June when we were disembarking the tender but just ignored it. The "tender " was a local one and it was a rust bucket. We did not feel safe in it and thought that they were going to fast for the conditions at the time. Try and get one of Princesses own tenders back
  4. Just checked,the roll call on CC does indeed double up with FB as I can see my name on it for the slot pull and the M&G. So looking forward to sailing out of NY as we have always sailed out of Fort lauderdale. We were on CB 3 weeks ago and found the new medallion system great
  5. On the roll call on FB, think it doubles up with CC
  6. Hi Geocruiser We are on the same sailing arriving on the 30th at 5pm from London at JFK. I copied this from my cruise personaliser. click on calender and planning and travel iteniry and click on New York Hope this helps r Domestic arrivals you will be met by a Princess Representative in baggage claim. For International arrivals you will be met by a Princess Representative once you have cleared U.S. Customs and Immigration.
  7. Many thanks Colo Cruiser
  8. Does anyone have the email address for customer relations in the USA have looked everywhere and cannot find it Thanks in advance for any replies
  9. Just off Caribbean Princess, Medallion only. I did see someone open their door with a card, perhaps he asked for one at guest services
  10. No distraction.very quiet at times.on the opposite side of the new water park there are new chairs and a shaded area.dont think many people know about it yet. Just off CB yesterday and we had a fantastic time
  11. We are on deck 9. A/C has been good since it was fixed
  12. we are currently on Caribbean Princess in an aft suite and there was a problem with a/c when we first went to it. our steward new about it and the problem was rectified before we set sail.took about a couple of hours for the room to feel comfortable but everything is now fine
  13. None in the room.Just ask your room steward for wine glasses and he will supply them.
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