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    I don't have one, Just happy to be cruising!

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  1. That's good to know! I didn't even think about cigarette smell. I could see how that would crowd the cigar lounge. I'm a non smoker but I feel like there should be more options for people to smoke on cruise ships. They're still paying, and they're not second class citizens for goodness sakes.
  2. Thank you, that helps me immensely!
  3. At a quick glance I thought the pictures of Joy were the laundry room. So I pick the Joy...because it looks like it has more dryers. 🙂
  4. Thanks, I'm thinking the same. Now just need to convince my mom to watch the kids an extra day! "I could have sworn I said we'd be back Thursday and not Wednesday!" LOL
  5. Next to fuel/maintenance I would think payroll would be their biggest expense. I'd imagine with passenger capacity being lower the crew will decrease significantly.
  6. It's so funny you say that! I'm the same way. I'm a non smoker and really don't mind cigar smoke either.
  7. HI Friends! I currently have two cruises booked for the same week in 2021. Has anyone been on both the Navigator and Escape? How would you compare the two? The Navigator is way more expensive by the time you add in the unlimited drinking, dining, and internet. It's also 1 day shorter. Those are the biggest reasons I'm leaning towards Escape! We've been on two RCL cruises (Oasis Class) and on the NCL Epic once. Thanks in advance for your opinions 🙂
  8. I'm not 100% sure that's the case. But all of searches I've done on the NCL boards seem to say so 😞
  9. Hi there! I understand that Escape no longer has a cigar lounge for smokers. I'm wondering if they sell cigars at the Tobacco Road bar? Also, does anyone have pictures of the smoking area that's attached to Spice H20? Thanks! We have a cruise booked for February 2021 that I hope will actually happen!
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