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  1. Cupcrazy

    **Live From Oasis November 5th**

    Loving the pictures! Can't wait to see more. I've been hoping to see my family in the background of one of your pictures. They're probably spending all their time in the Casino though, haha.
  2. New port and their logistics got all screwed up. Couldn't move all the people and things on quick enough. My brother, who is on the ship, said at 6pm he could see them still loading luggage.
  3. Cupcrazy

    **Live From Oasis November 5th**

    Looks like they are moving now. Bon Voyage!!
  4. Cupcrazy

    **Live From Oasis November 5th**

    My brother and family is on the ship now and confirmed what I assumed. They are late because it is the first time at Port Canveral and it's taking longer to process & load everything. I just spoke to him and he said they're still loading luggage.
  5. Cupcrazy

    Washey! Washey! Washey! Indy Cruise 10/25

    [quote name='Goodtime Cruizin']Hi Alex, right before you enter into the WindJammer, there is always a greeter! Typically they stand right by or in front of one of several hand santizer dispensers. In our past cruises, the attendant did little but say Hello, Good morning, and so forth. On the Indy, the attendants, one in particular, actually sing songs to remind you to wash your hands, hence, "Washey, Washey" She uses quite a number songs to accomplish her request. It's a fun, pleasant greeting while at the same time, it delivers a great message. She mixes up pretty good as she does a little jive and actually has people dancing w/ her and mixing up. It's very innovative. Hope this helps![/quote] This was one of the things about the we will remember for a long time. My 2 young nieces loved going to Windjammer every day and seeing the Washey, Washey girl.
  6. Cupcrazy

    Washey! Washey! Washey! Indy Cruise 10/25

    Looking forward to hearing your views of our cruise. We loved the Washy washy. Especially my 2 young nieces.
  7. Thanks so much for posting the Compasses. We'll be sailing Indy in October.
  8. My PVR is all set. Can't wait to watch!
  9. Cupcrazy

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    99 - Down to double digits
  10. Great report! Thanks for sharing. I will be doing this exact cruise in October and reading your review has helped pass a little time and given me some thoughts about things to do.
  11. [IMG]http://www.zanebenefits.com/Portals/149308/images/section105-resized-600.gif[/IMG]
  12. Great pictures! Thanks for posting! Seeing your pictures brings back some great memories from when I was on Allure last year. Looking forward to more
  13. Congratulations! Loving the pictures. Thanks for posting
  14. Great review! I'm loving the pictures too. Thanks for posting. I can't wait to get back on board