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  1. I am very sorry for the loss of your Mom. What an honor to celebrate her at Sea. Your review so far is great. We are hoping to sail the Harmony soon. Very heartbreaking to hear of your fellow passenger having a heart attack.
  2. Wonderful review! This itinerary is on our list. Congratulations on your engagement.
  3. Hi :) O' Sheehans is open 24/7. Its not possible to take food to go though. There is drink service for coffee, teas, milk and various "juices" available at all times. This is located in the buffet and in the open air area of the ships. In the arcade there is a vending machine with drinks for purchase in it. Also I think M&M's and skittles. I have never been successful in getting a can of pop from the bar. They pour into the glasses (without straws now ;)) It might be worth sweet talking the bartender...lol. I seen numerous Yeti cups on the ships, people just pour their drinks in there. Have great cruise!
  4. I debated the Joy last week when I booked our Alaska cruise for next summer. It was even cheaper, but theres just something about the Bliss that got me :D
  5. This post is amazing! Just booked our Alaskan cruise for next summer and cannot wait to sit down and really read through your list. It's much appreciated! :)
  6. Cruisegal, we had a VISA card that we used and I checked once we returned and everything was okay wit it. We used in all the stops on Western itinerary.
  7. Cash and credit card is correct. But I also wanted to add I was unable to use my American Express and had to go back to the beach and get my husbands visa. Not 100% this is with all the vendors there.
  8. Cash and visa/mastercard only. No AMX..lol. Found out after I waited in line and placed my order for my rum filled coconut. Excuse me, while I run away and get my husbands card :')
  9. Hi Socalev, Quick question for you about Casinos at Sea. A few weeks ago, my husband was given one of the VIP certificates, do you know if this has to be booked through the 800 number or can we use our TA to book and still get the discount? Not our first cruise, by no means, but his first CAS. Thanks!!
  10. Looks like we are off to a great start ;) I cannot wait to read all about your trip. Bermuda is on my list. We originally were booked for next month to finally go there, but changed up our itinerary due to other family members wanting to cruise. Maybe next year. The pictures are great! Loved seeing the pictures of NYC also. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review!!
  11. Can't wait to hear more! This cruise is on my list :) My Aunt has that same bag she uses when she travels. I think I need to invest in one.
  12. Hi Everybody!! Its almost time for our upcoming cruise on the Getaway and we are so excited! The last time in 2015 when we sailed her there was a crepe station in the Garden Grill. Does anyone who recently sailed on her know if this is still there? I searched but couldn't come up with anything recent. Thanks all!!
  13. Wow! Love me a great Alaska review! Excellent job so far. Congratulations on your recent marriage and yah for the 2nd Honeymoon. I cannot wait to hear more.
  14. Excellent review so far! Thank you for taking the time to post pictures and all your information. It's much appreciated.
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