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  1. We were booked for a May 15th sailing to and from Venice. After Holland America canceled the trip, we requested a full refund on April 16th. We received a 100% refund for the trip including extra air and transportation. Refund showed up on our credit card overnight. They said up to 60 days for refund, we got it in 67 days. I would have rather had the trip than the refund but these are not normal times thanks to the Chinese Virus.
  2. We should be there too but thanks to the Chinese virus we are safe at home waiting for our refund. Maybe next year. This is the second time our Mediterranean cruise has been canceled. First one was on me.
  3. We should be flying across the Atlantic for our cruise from and to Venice. Thanks to the Chinese Virus we are still at home but safe and sound.
  4. We got the email at 7:01 tonight from Holland America. Our cruise was from and to Venice in May. Last night I was looking at our trip and the "Flight Ease" was showing that the flights had been changed but I could not see what they were. I figured that this message from Holland America was coming. This is the second time we had our Mediterranean cruise cancelled. Maybe next year if they get a cure or vaccine.
  5. Thank you for this information. We have a Med cruise booked for May 15th. I have been trying to find this form.
  6. eqj60. Which river boat will you be on? We are on the Monarch Duchess, Budapest to AMS. October 24.
  7. Yes it us hard to get good information. Not like a Carnival cruise, where there is a lot of information. Size does make a difference. Not even close to being apples to oranges. More like ripe watermelons to carrot seeds.
  8. We are sailing October 24th thru November 7th (Budapest to Amsterdam). Would like to hear your comments on your whole trip. First time river cruising and looking forward to it.
  9. How do you contact John Herald on Facebook? Do you just write a post on his page for a request or is there a special place for visitors request?
  10. 14 days until the Legend to Alaska with the whole family, three generations 11 members. You can not take it with you so you should spend it and enjoy it while you can.
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