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  1. On ‎1‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 4:01 PM, cruiseguy1016 said:

    How about an Ulu (a native Alaskan knife)? Make sure you buy one made in Alaska. I bought one last year and it is one of the handiest knives I own.

    If you do buy an Ulu, put it in your checked luggage.  You can not bring it back in your carryon if flying.  I saw a couple lose two knives at the Vancouver airport four years ago.  In a fight it would be one mean weapon.  It is a nice gift and they do vary in price. 

  2. On Carnival you can save 10% when you buy the AARP gift cards. You do not have to be 55 or a member to buy.


    I recently bought 16 $500 gift cards for our family Alaska cruise in June of 2019. It cost $450 (plus postage) and 5,000 AARP points for a $500 Carnival gift card. Points are easy to earn. I used the gift cards to pay off the balance on three cabins and had $7.60 left over. I plan to buy more for service charges, pictures and excursions.


    I learned about this from the "Cruise Critic" community.

  3. Thank you for all of the replies. I just wanted the whole family to eat together for 7 nights in a row. I like to look out and see our legacy. This was part of my bucket list. I can live with two tables next to each other. We cruised last year on MSC and had two tables. Just thought Carnival had larger tables.

  4. If you are flying home with the knives, put them in your checked luggage not your carryon. Two years age at the Vancouver airport, I saw a couple loose their two sets at security. Our three sets were already in our checked luggage. They would make a wicked weapon in a fight.

  5. In June of 2019, we will be on the Legend with a family group of 11 in 3 cabins. Will we be able to sit together at one table for the evening meal in the dining room? Should we plan on two tables? Thank you for your knowledge.

  6. We are on Orchestra in the Med during January 2018. I just signed up for the package #601W17 "Mineral Water in Dining Room" for $0.00. We are from the USA.


    I tried to book this package earlier but I could not get it out the "Shopping Cart". Today I booked a Malta excursion and paid for the excursion. The water package now shows up in our bookings page with our other prepaid items. The charge show as "Included", so no charge.

  7. Does Divina offer tours of Miami attractions after the cruise before flying home later in the day? Looking for something to fill in the day for 7 people ages 5 to 68. Cruise is early summer of 2017.


    Thank you

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