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  1. 7 weeks today waiting on one refund.... over two weeks waiting on the other Beyond annoyed. Nothing says financial trouble quite like a company having you wait this long for a refund. Heck, I am tempted to cancel a cruise for 2021 at this point just because i fear I'll lose even more money.
  2. Supposed to be on a sailing now. Have received a refund of all EXCEPT fun shops purchase (@$130) had initially moved some some funds to a November sailing but earlier this week decided to just go for a full refund and book something once the dust settles. we are bummed because we love to cruise. But at this point I just want my money back so I can move on.
  3. thanks good insight. the no AC is definitely something to keep in mind. enjoying reading this board while we try to plan things out.
  4. For weather concerns I am reading only high 70s in the summer months. I actually have concerns that it wouldn’t be warm enough during July. We are pricing for a 2021 trip at the moment. Any weather insight appreciated. We were hoping to have some pool time aboard in the evenings.
  5. We have rented a cabana at Margaritaville twice before and really enjoyed it. We have one reserved for our cruise on the Magic later this month. I was checking the schedule this morning and while our ship is docked 11am-6pm, the Conquest is also docked 8am-4pm. Presumably folks on that cruise will get first pick of the cabanas. Anyone been in this situation? Did you find that you got a less desirable cabana?
  6. I am on your same sailing and I too have made numerous requests. I stopped for fear that I am going to board with a ton of reservations :) Never heard back. Like you I plan to try one we board. I did get confirmation from the italian place. Very odd.
  7. I currently have 3 reservations on cars for pick up at Orlando Airport and return in Port Everglades and need to cancel two of them. We are spending 5 nights in Disney prior to our trip and then making the drive to Port Everglades for a cruise on the Carnival Magic this August. The prices are close so I am hoping you can give me insight on which location is the closest, easiest access, best shuttle service etc. I have a car booked with Alamo (returning to 1700 Eller Dr); Enterprise (returning to Fort Lauderdale Hilton Marina); and Avis (returning to Pier Sixty-Six Hotel & Marina,F8D 2301 Southeast 17th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 US). My first choice would be for my husband to drop my son and I off with the luggage, return the car and walk back but this doesn't seem likely due to distance/size of the terminal. A shuttle or cab would work. Mostly, I am looking to have this occur as conveniently as possible. Thanks In Advance, Ashley
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