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  1. Sorry that was this year’s Repo that we unfortunately had to cancel two days before it sailed. Still bummed out about that.
  2. We will see you on the Adventure too , on the May 5 Repo cruise..
  3. I particularly like the delay after pushing the toilet flush button. I also like the trickle of water that comes out of the spigot in the bathroom sink. The cozy shower area is the best, except when I bend over. that is why we are going on a 12 day Caribbean cruise next month on the Grandeur.😎.
  4. When people request my time dining and are refused, and later get assigned. MTD , all they are doing is just adding more people to an already overflowing MTD . IMO! it is getting longer and longer to get a table if you don't have a reservation, which defeats the original purpose was of MTD.
  5. Does anyone know if they have theme nights on the allure seven day sailings?
  6. Wrongo, we just got $200 obc for our 12 night cruise scheduled in January.
  7. I want to edit my stock statements. I block out my balances, etc. I know how to attach files to email. I have an inside on the Grandeur this January.
  8. I just wanted a response at least. I was aware of their multitude of restrictions.
  9. I have sent in two requests for OBC based on owning RCL stock. One, three weeks ago , the other 1 week ago. I mailed them physically, not E-mail. I have heard nothing yet. I did have my email address in my request letter. No changes in my cruise planner for either cruise so far. My complaint is NO RESPONSE from Royal, if the credit was issued or not, These cruises were booked before June 1, this year and I understand the old rules. . My second cruise had no OBC given by Royal or TA, when I booked it. I should at least get stock OBC for that one. I am just venting as I know they will just do what they want. Amazing they are successful despite the fact that every time you may call them you can get different answers, and slow responses, etc.
  10. Is it possible some of your OBC was from a travel agent, that would not show up on the cruise planner?
  11. Do you have a source for your statement? I believe that, but many people don't or won't. I believe they purposely leave the tip issue ambiguous, as most people won't ask the dining personnel , not to appear cheap. These posts just prove that , some say yes, and some say no.It should be clear!
  12. OK , my last question I promise: I have a 12 night Repo cruise for May 3, 2020, on the Adventure. My cruise planner up top says I have $50 credit. The stock program reads that 12 nights=$200 OBC. This cruise was booked BEFORE June 1, 2019. Shouldn't I still get the balance of $150 credit? No FCC was involved in the booking. No matter what the promo or group rates from the TA when I booked, were, can they still refuse to give me the additional credit to make up the $200? On one pre-June 1, 2019 Celebrity cruise, that I booked for 2021, I received a drink pkg. and free tips. I guess that negates any Stock OBC given to me also??? BTW, I booked two 12 night cruises the last two weeks of this May. Some luck eh? Joe
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