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  1. Is it possible some of your OBC was from a travel agent, that would not show up on the cruise planner?
  2. Do you have a source for your statement? I believe that, but many people don't or won't. I believe they purposely leave the tip issue ambiguous, as most people won't ask the dining personnel , not to appear cheap. These posts just prove that , some say yes, and some say no.It should be clear!
  3. OK , my last question I promise: I have a 12 night Repo cruise for May 3, 2020, on the Adventure. My cruise planner up top says I have $50 credit. The stock program reads that 12 nights=$200 OBC. This cruise was booked BEFORE June 1, 2019. Shouldn't I still get the balance of $150 credit? No FCC was involved in the booking. No matter what the promo or group rates from the TA when I booked, were, can they still refuse to give me the additional credit to make up the $200? On one pre-June 1, 2019 Celebrity cruise, that I booked for 2021, I received a drink pkg. and free tips. I guess that negates any Stock OBC given to me also??? BTW, I booked two 12 night cruises the last two weeks of this May. Some luck eh? Joe
  4. Couple of resposnses: John and Katrina were the husband and wife CD , AD. we liked him, her meh! No worse than most of them. We liked Leigh and Urky on the Explorer one cruise we took. CD and AD saw one Quest almost 10 years ago , that was enough. They are too repetitive after that. Besides , we go back to our cabin by 10PM now. 😊 We cruise a lot still, but all these stage games they play, like family feud or dating game were a one and done for us. Same questions with double meanings.
  5. For a 5 ,7,9 night cruise $20-25-30 max extra for us.
  6. Just for a clarification, were your cruises already booked before June 1, this year, or do you mean that you are getting the OBC for any new cruises you booked after June 1, 2019? I have 3 cruises booked before June 1, that are still to be taken, and 2 cruises that I booked after June 1. Will I get the OBC for all 5 no matter what perk Royal offered on the original booking? Thanks
  7. Never been on the really big ships yet. We are cruising on the Allure this Thanksgiving week with our kids and grandkids.
  8. I know that has Royal has recently updated their common stock for OBC policy, but I can only Google a Royal Stock pdf file from 2010. Does anyone have a link to a newer version that is valid now. We have about 4 cruises booked already and I want to have the latest information. TIA. Joe
  9. We booked on the 17th also. We are from Mount Laurel in South Jersey. How about you guys?
  10. We booked a Bermuda cruise on the Empress next August . We got an inside cabin really inexpensive. The taxes were ridiculously high at $227 per person. For seven days a small inside cabin is easy to take. It will be really convenient to dock right on the main street. Easy walk to the bus station and taxis available.
  11. We sail on both as we live in South Jersey, but the different times of the entertainment on Anthem each day or night are so scattered that it is difficult to plan when to eat and try to make the shows. We end up missing shows. I like on the smaller ships the 7 & 9 PM shows every night.
  12. Is there any way to tell which dock a ship will use in St. Lucia? There is one close to the city and another on the side of the bay closer to the airport side? Specifically the Grandeur of the seas.
  13. I don't want to argue this topic with you, but I have read so many posts through the years where people on the same cruise will say the food was great while others will say they were disappointed. Whether it be the MDR or Windjammer.
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