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  1. So, essentially, the take away is that testing is unreliable.
  2. We have a cruise scheduled in Oct. We've determined that we will not be sailing on the ship even if it does sail. Our reasons: We do not want to catch Covid because one person on the cruise lied on their form that asks about medical history. We don't want to end up with a cruise to nowhere because the cruise ports have decided they won't be accepting cruise passengers. We don't want to face the risk of having to be quarantined either on the ship or after we get home. We would have to fly to /from the departure port. We don't have a lot of confidence on that aspect at
  3. Are RCL and CCL American corporations? Not being obtuse. I really don't know.
  4. I completely agree. I will be renewing my DL within a year or so. I'm at a loss to explain why my Passport isn't sufficient form of ID to get an enhanced DL? I will also need to supply other documentation, (utility bills and other such nonsense) in addition to my passport, to get an ID that my passport works just as well as. It confuses me.
  5. Yes, the outlet in the bathroom is controlled by the light switch. Additionally, it's labelled for using electric razors only. Bring the battery operated tea lights. They really are the best alternative for a night light in the bathroom.
  6. Not all ships have the ability to view your folio on the in cabin TV.
  7. Probably not going to find a good beach at Amber Cove. There is a public beach in Puerto Plata but it's not really a nice beach (in my opinion). We've been to Amber Cove 3 times. We did enjoy our ATV excursion and our catamaran excursion.
  8. We are so sad to hears this news. Our sincere condolences to the folks at Jack's Shack. We had the privilege of hanging out with Topher on a number of occasions. Every time we've been to Grand Turk we would take a walk down to Jack's for some jerk chicken and to enjoy Topher's antics. Topher has brightened so many peoples lives. He was more than a "Good Boy". He was the Best Boy. Best darned Ambassador Grand Turk could ever have. Topher, you'll be missed. Thank you for making us smile. I wish to someday be as good as you.
  9. I'm a bit skeptical. I'm not sure I would trust that email. Before taking any action I would verify the authenticity of the email via a phone call to RCI customer service. Looks like a "fishing" email to me.
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