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  1. As any leader in the Scouting organization will attest, centurycruiser’s illustration that the smoke from a camp fire will ALWAYS follow one particular individual is factual. It is one of the basic ‘laws’ of the camp fire. In addition, remember that it is every scout leader’s inalienable right to ‘poke the fire’. “Be prepared”...CV...
  2. Wife to husband: Will you stop yawning when I’m talking to you. Husband to wife: I wasn’t yawning. I was trying to say something. Trouble in paradise...
  3. Everyone has a particular favourite when dining at the Tuscan Grill. DW always chooses the Chicken Parmesan. ‘Yummy’ she says. The restaurant is very pleasant with expansive views of the sea aft of the ship. Personally wish they would change the knives to something that would fit the hand more comfortably. In any event, no matter what you eat or what you drink, make very sure that you have left ‘room’ for dessert. What dessert? Spumoni donuts of course. Once you try them, you wish you had a smaller meal. You will want a second serving of Spumoni Donuts but it may not be possible to do another helping justice...just enjoy every mouthful. Sinfully delicious! CV
  4. Starting off on the wrong foot! Ya think??
  5. Seems there are cameras in a number of houses...ours included...who knew?
  6. Heading to the bar on Deck 14...hoping...
  7. Thanks to all contributors. Excellent thread! Suggest it keeps going as long as people want to post. Bringing a daily chuckle to those who are still waiting to get back to sea brightens the day...and...as is said ‘laughter is the best medicine’ apart from a B2B2B etc cruise. Keep well, stay healthy, cruise, cruise, cruise and keep posting...
  8. So you want to return to Canada, eh? Better use the right images on the App...
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