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  1. Is there a “best location” for the standard cabanas? @Host Clarea
  2. Can you tell me which cabanas are best for renting? I know it’s subjective...but maybe the best one in each category? Looking for a location close to water access, relatively private? OTW hilltop standard beach Thabks in advance!
  3. Was wondering if anyone has any experience... I never got an email to bid (I think we got a really good deal on our current cabin), and everytime I check the RC “Royal Up” site and plug in our info it basically says to check back when you’re 30 days out. When you hit the 30 day mark, can ANYONE bid? Or is it still selective?
  4. Sorry - just to clarify - does that mean its "standard" for suite guests? Meaning it's included? If so, do you still need to go to boleros to pick it up on the first day? Or will it be in the stateroom? Thanks!
  5. I went on it years ago...but I still remember how much I loved it! The general openness of the ship really sold me.
  6. I know...first world problems...😂 But I need to know if my mother should pack her hair dryer for our cruise or if they’ll have 2 of them in our suite. Thanks!!
  7. I’m going on allure in September and traveling sky class. Is it really necessary to make dining reservations ahead of time? Will restaurants all be booked up if we wait? We have young kids so our schedule needs to be flexible. I’d hate to set all of our dining reservations and then have to change them. Can suite concierge help once onboard?
  8. Was wondering if anyone can report on the hours for free drinks in suite lounge? Is it still 11-11? thanks!
  9. We are staying in the 2BR in september, so I can’t speak from experience...but when we were making this same decision, the privacy factor tipped the scales for us. There was more space to hang out if/when the kids are sleeping. You can access the balcony from the bedroom (at least in our suite you can) without walking past anyone, and if you’re up early, you can access the living room without disturbing anyone. That was a big deciding factor as we all go to bed at different times. I imagine that older older kids would appreciate their own space more. But that’s just a guess. I don’t think you can go wrong either way!
  10. Hello! We are a party of 3 adults and 2 young kids. Because we can only have 4 people on 1 reservation, my mother is in a separate reservation but in our cabin. If I go to purchase a drink package, it only makes me and my husband purchase it - not my mother. Is this a loophole, or will she inevitably be charged for the drink package too since she’s over 21 (obviously-ha!) and in the same cabin as us? thanks in advance!
  11. We are staying in one in the fall. The two on deck 12 do NOT have the fold down beds, and therefore have a max of 6 guests. The ones on the other decks do have them fold down beds, and can fit 8. The trade off is that the 2 bedroom suites on deck 12 have jacuzzi tubs on their balconies. The other ones do not. The second bedroom is like an interior room. No windows.
  12. We did something similar (golf) in Epcot. But it was all singles - not foursomes. For example: In Mexico, a shot of tequila was a birdie, a beer was a par, and a glass of water was a bogey. In the UK it was a car bomb for a birdie, beer was par, water was bogey. In Japan, sake was a birdie, beer was par, water was bogey. We made it country specific.😝
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