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  1. Trying to decide if $89 is a good price, or should I wait?
  2. She is the 5th person in the cabin. How does it affect reservations? Will RCCL be smart enough to link our two reservations? I just foresee this becoming a headache.... ugh.
  3. Hi all, We added my mother to our cabin a few weeks ago, however she doesn't show up on our reservation. I asked our travel agent about it and she said that she has her own confirmation number...? Is that typical? I'm only concerned about it for planning purposes (dining reservations, shows, etc). Has anyone had this happen? How do I make sure that I can add her to all of the activities/reservations onboard? Do I have to go and enter 2 confirmation numbers? Seems super cumbersome. Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow. That majorly stinks if that’s true. That’s one thing I splurge on while onboard. But now with kids I certainly can’t commit to a certain time each day. Curious to to hear feedback from those who have used the new system and what their onboard experience was...
  5. I found this allure review the most helpful yet! We will be traveling next fall with our 6 year old. All of the info you provided was extremely helpful. I didn’t realize AO wasn’t available all day for sea days. Did you happen to see the Trolls characters at all on the ship? My daughter lovesssssss Trolls.
  6. Oh, come on. :rolleyes: I get it. Things happen. Tequila is evil! Us moms work so hard. To have a 4 day trip with your girlfriends is so great! I can totally understand letting loose! ;p I’m just glad you’re ok! Good to know security is on top of things. How do you know you tried to call the captain??? That’s hilarious. And I can only imagine the people in the hot tub. :')
  7. Forgive me if I'm reading it wrong... But it seems to say at the bottom of the terms/conditions that it is only open to new bookings...? So if I already have a reservation and the price drops (for KSF) I can't take advantage of this sale? Is that right?
  8. Hello! My mother lives in Stonecrest and doesn’t drive. We live in NY and want her to join us on our next cruise out of FLL. Does The Villages offer any type of shuttle service to FLL cruise terminal? If so, what is it called? Price? Where does it leave from? Can non-residents use it? Thanks for any help!
  9. ...are my husband and I the only people who travel with a white noise machine?! If we’re in a situation like this, we place it by the adjoining room and voila! Problem solved. Drowns out everything. To the OP: great deal! If you’re worried about noise from an adjoining cabin, bring a white noise machine!
  10. If I were 18 or 21 I’d prefer my own room over bunking with mom and dad... That’s just my opinion!
  11. For me anyway, it’s more about the self-righteousness of people trying to scam the system. I’m a HUGE dog lover (and have a loveable pug). But I abide by the rules and I suck it up and pay a fortune to board him when I’m going on vacation. It’s just something I have to account for when I budget for a trip. It annoys me that others don’t want to leave/pay to board their animal so they make up a justification. I’m really happy to see this change from royal!
  12. Wow. That’s terrible. I don’t have anything to offer in the way of advice, but this sounds like one of the worst things I’ve heard yet in terms of terrible customer service and resolution. I hope it works out for you guys. That experience would completely deter me from sailing with RCL in the future.
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