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  1. This is so helpful and kind. Thank you for taking time to do that for me. It’s appreciated.
  2. Aww - thanks. Appreciate your response. ❤️
  3. No, I didn’t! Thank you for the tip. I will look into that! Thanks!!!!
  4. When I was questioned about my abilities to do research by another poster, I responded in kind to THEIR tone. You, however, continue to be snarky... You took a minute out of your day, and purposely crafted that little number above to be sarcastic and rude. No other intention. Ugh. Why I respond to bait like this is beyond me...I’m annoyed at myself for indulging it. On a positive note - genuinely- thank you for the site information earlier. It’s already proven useful. Now I’m finished engaging in this thread.
  5. Thank you - that makes sense. Appreciate the response.
  6. I don’t consider being a member (albeit not a regular posting member - I read more than I post) for 8 years to be a newbie...but thank you for “educating” me on the usage of cruise critic. The amount of condescension in your post is pretty remarkable...and an exact reason WHY my post count isn’t higher. But, I do genuinely thank you for the suggestion to check out flyer talk. I forget about that site. Perhaps next time, when someone comes on looking for help, you could simply make your helpful recommendations without all of the masked jabs (and research into their profile and post count)? Consider that MY helpful suggestion. Certainly makes people feel more inclined to come to cruise critic for help/suggestions. Thanks to the previous posters who were kind in their suggestions. It is appreciated.
  7. I fly to MCO at least 5-6 times a year. If someone asked me “is $500/person for a summer flight from NYC to MCO expensive?” I could give a general answer. Obviously I recognize that days, times, length, etc are factors. But I could say that TYPICALLY $500 would be expensive for a summer flight from NYC to MCO - whereas it would be a more typical price for mid-February. That’s based on my 20+ years of travel history doing that route. That’s all I was looking for. I recognize pricing fluctuates. But yes, thank you, I will do my own research and track prices (as I usually do).
  8. Oh - I’m sorry. I wasn’t clear. I know i can find current rates out there. I was seeing about $1100/person when I checked for flights. That seems high to me. Is it? I just wanted to get a sense for what other people have paid in past summers for a flight from Newark you Venice.
  9. Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there can help me get a sense for what a typical round trip/non-stop flight from NY to Venice would be? Looking to fly in mid to late August 2020 thanks!
  10. The best coffee I had was in the suite lounge (they had an espresso maker) and at Starbucks. 😕
  11. Just got off Allure today. Biggest complaint for the whole week was the AWFUL coffee available. I’m a black coffee drinker...so for me, it was nearly undrinkable.
  12. Looking at Mediterranean cruises and Rhapsody is so cheap comparatively! Can anyone tell me about their experiences?
  13. Is there a “best location” for the standard cabanas? @Host Clarea
  14. Can you tell me which cabanas are best for renting? I know it’s subjective...but maybe the best one in each category? Looking for a location close to water access, relatively private? OTW hilltop standard beach Thabks in advance!
  15. Was wondering if anyone has any experience... I never got an email to bid (I think we got a really good deal on our current cabin), and everytime I check the RC “Royal Up” site and plug in our info it basically says to check back when you’re 30 days out. When you hit the 30 day mark, can ANYONE bid? Or is it still selective?
  16. Sorry - just to clarify - does that mean its "standard" for suite guests? Meaning it's included? If so, do you still need to go to boleros to pick it up on the first day? Or will it be in the stateroom? Thanks!
  17. I went on it years ago...but I still remember how much I loved it! The general openness of the ship really sold me.
  18. I know...first world problems...😂 But I need to know if my mother should pack her hair dryer for our cruise or if they’ll have 2 of them in our suite. Thanks!!
  19. I’m going on allure in September and traveling sky class. Is it really necessary to make dining reservations ahead of time? Will restaurants all be booked up if we wait? We have young kids so our schedule needs to be flexible. I’d hate to set all of our dining reservations and then have to change them. Can suite concierge help once onboard?
  20. Was wondering if anyone can report on the hours for free drinks in suite lounge? Is it still 11-11? thanks!
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