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  1. I searched through these boards (although I admit that I'm not very good at that) and haven't seen this question raised. My wife and I are scheduled on a Princess Cruise and we both purchased the protection package because I have had a number of health issues in the past couple years. My elderly mother has fallen and is in rehab. It looks like we're going to have to place her in assisted living. I am her primary caregiver. Would the protection package cover something like this? Has anyone ever been in this situation before? We aren't necessarily looking for a refund. We'd be just as ha
  2. Dear Friends, My wife and I booked the Crown Princess in December for 10 days to the Southern Caribbean. We are driving from the gulf coast of Florida to FLL, about 4 hours. Does anyone have advice about parking at the cruise port vs. a hotel the night before? We are new residents to FL and have always flown into FLL the night before so this is new to us. Any advice is greatly appreciated! As some of you may be able to tell from my sign on....its been a long time since we've cruised. We're so excited to be back!
  3. Dear Friends, My wife and I are returning to cruising after a long hiatus that included a relocation to Florida. One of our many reasons for moving here was to be closer to the port of Ft. Lauderdale. I have a general question for other FL cruisers. Does Princess (or any other cruise line) offer any type of deals or incentives to FL residents who cruise out of FLL? I thought I remembered reading something about that years ago. Boy has CC ever changed in the last six years! It's going to take me some time to find my way around again. I couldn't believe CC still ha
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