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  1. I got it from their website. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/temporary-cancellation-policy.html
  2. Those of us leaving tomorrow don't get anything back for not cancelling..... 😞 We purchased Platinum Vacation Protection and decided to go anyway. I was't pushing for them to give extra, but it is annoying that instead of starting the day of the announcement, they are going to start 4 days later. Temporary Cancellation Policy - Updated March 5, 2020 Guests who choose to keep their booking as currently scheduled for departures between March 9 and May 31 will receive the following Onboard Credit amounts: $100 USD / $150 AUD per stateroom for 3 and 4 day cruises $150
  3. That room on the Regal sounds like a nightmare. I doubt will be offered an upgrade, we already have a penthouse suite. I did see that there were so many open cabins, I posted it in our roll call. I've also thought a better week being like ostriches with her head in the sand, but I don't think so. I think Iwehave just as much of a chance having something happen here as on the ship. I might as well enjoy my week at sea. My husband's cousin and his wife are on a ship this week. They texted us from St Thomas today. They're not having any problems. We are preparing for the worst and hopin
  4. We also have Platinum Insurance and barring a drastic change plan to be at the dock too 🙂 I was at our local big box store over the weekend and they were out of cleaning wipes and spring water. They called it prep for hurricane Corona. We ordered these https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/894866/Clorox-Healthcare-Hydrogen-Peroxide-Disinfecting-Wipes/ They are scheduled for delivery to our office tomorrow. If they don't come in, I'll check the Dollar Store. Worst case, I'll bring a roll of paper towels and spray cleaner. Good thing I can bring as many suitcases as I can fit in my car.
  5. We are also going on the Sky this weekend. Some of our friends have encouraged us to cancel, but we plan on going. I am usually vigilant about hand washing/sanitizing anyway. We have just as much of a chance to catch the virus at my local grocery store in South Florida with all the snowbirds and tourists as we do on a ship. To me right now, the bigger concern is that we could get stuck on a quarantined ship for weeks on end. That said, the suitcases are out and ready for packing.
  6. Thank you Mary Beth. I'll be on the Sky 1 week from today. Though we've been on many cruises, this is our first Princess cruise.I appreciate your detailed review along with all the beautiful pictures. I am so looking forward to our cruise and your information has helped me alot. Rochelle
  7. Sorry to hear what you are going through, I can't imagine how difficult it is. I am glad you are able to enjoy these boards again. Wishing you peace and comfort. Rochelle
  8. Thank you both for your replies. I guess we'll just keep our starboard cabin.
  9. I know nothing is absolute, I also know Sky Princess is new and has just started in the Caribbean. That said, in general for Caribbean cruises, some cruise lines tend to dock starboard side facing the dock and others tend to dock Port side facing the docks. Is anybody familiar with how the larger Princess ships usually dock in the Caribbean. We will be on the Sky going to Princess Cays, St. Thomas (Havensight), and St. Maarten. We prefer to face the dock when in port. We are booked Starboard, but can change as there is availability.
  10. Thank you for posting this. We have been on many cruises, but this will be our first on Princess. We wanted to learn more about this line and ship and your review is great for that. Loving your review and looking forward to being on the Sky in March. Hope the weather is nice the rest of your cruise.
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