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  1. I think they monitor these boards. I posted about 2 hours ago and I just received a call back from a supervisor which I had asked for a few days ago. The supervisor was pretty rude, so we are pretty much done with Royal. If anyone is a top tier and is interested in Carnival contact me, we have a great host, we can give your information to. I think that's the difference. The new Club Royale Player club is a travel agency. They are travel agents, not hosts, who answer the phone. The hosts on board have their hands tied and can't do much for you anymore. A host knows the value of a top tier player. A travel agent doesn't care. Penny wise and pound foolish, IMHO.
  2. My husband and I haven't been sailing Royal lately, mostly because of the casino changes. We found out that I am Signature level and he is Masters level. We get many email and postcard offers for free cruises from them, including junior suites etc, besides the once per year free balcony I get for signature and the once per year grand suite he gets for masters. We called and as members of the same household, they will not let us book 2 rooms on the same cruise. Also if we want to combine offers, they can't give us higher than a junior suite, even though we both have junior suite offers already. They said they started that policy about a year ago. I told them they are just hurting themselves. Our casino money works very well on Carnival and at our land based casino. We might take some of the cruises later this year, but because of their new rules, we won't gamble. It doesn't matter if we don't get future offers from them. We would rather play where we get treated better, not penalized for being a married couple.
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