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  1. My daughter (18) and I will be on Viking Ocean for the first time one week from today - yikes! We just learned last night that specialty coffees are free on board. That made me wonder what else we do not know. Please give us your "must-do" tips - from activities to favorite ship spaces to don't-miss foods. Any and all ideas appreciated ... I'm taking notes! TIA
  2. I have tentatively booked an evening gondola excursion in Venice for my daughter and I on the first evening of a Viking cruise. I know we are overpaying, but as two novices I really don't care as long as someone tells us where to go and what to do. So here are my fears: (1) will I get sea sick? I don't get sea sick on cruise ships but sometimes on tender boats and other small watercraft. I'd hate to get sick or embarrass my teenage daughter on the first evening of our trip. But we will have just arrived from the US that afternoon, so I'll probably be pretty medicated from the flight anyway (bonine, sea bands...) ;); (2) is it really cold on the water after dark this time of year? The ride starts around 8:00 pm at the end of March. Oh my gosh ... That's like one week from now! :o:eek:;p Any (and all) advice appreciated!
  3. Can anyone give me an estimate of the time it will take my daughter and I to get through customs in Venice and then travel from the airport to the cruise ship? Trying to decide if we could do an evening excursion on our arrival day for a Viking Ocean cruise. TIA! :)
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