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  1. We will be doing a 13 day Alaskan Cruise tour. I am trying to pack for this. I know there is laundry service on the ship. Do they wash jeans? Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!!!
  2. This is our first Alaskan cruise. We booked the pre cruise tour with Royal Caribbean. When do you get a schedule of the times of the activites ect are each day? I have seen information posted on the cruise portion like the compass but I have not seen anything posted regarding the pre cruise tours. We are doing the 6 days land. Thank you for your help!!!
  3. Hello, We will be taking a cruisetour Southbound in August. I thought that the transfer from the airport to the hotel in Fairbanks is included. How does this work? Do we let Royal Caribbean when we are arriving or does the TA do that? Thank you for your help!!!
  4. Would someone please post the week's cruise compass for the southbound Alaskan cruise? Thank you so much for your help.
  5. We are sailing Alaska. I have heard that the scenery is breath taking. Is there a place on the ship that has floor to ceiling windows? It would be nice to sit and enjoy the scenery indoors? Thank you!!!
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