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  1. Is there someone on Half Moon Cay that can take me to a flat for fishing? And pick me up later. Tom
  2. Are you talking about Bonefish lagoon in Half Moon Cay? Or Bahamas in general? Tom
  3. Has anyone done any bonefish fishing in Bonefish lagoon in Half Moon Cay? Tom
  4. It appears the end result of this exercise is:- 1. My agent and I spent close to 2 months dealing with HAL to resolve this 2. HAL spent 2 months as well. Lots of man-hours 3. I ended up with more FCC than original 4. Some personnel are more helpful than others in HAL 5. Persistence will get you somewhere 6. HAL would have saved everyone a lot of grief by not doing an internal audit. Tom
  5. I have saved all the emails, including the one HAL telling me the new amount of FCC/person. Learned my lesson last time. Tom
  6. My agent informed me that all the negotiation is finished and my wife and I are getting the correct FCC when HAL has a chance to update my account. Tom
  7. My agent has now given up on Christine Ferris from Guest Relations and talked to Tom Steer who is supposed to be somebody higher up in the organization. He (or someone) had looked into the case and has offered to re-instate the lost FCC. As well they also offer additional FCC if we return the refund HAL has given us 3 months ago. We are still deciding if we will take the additional FCC offer (depending on when it needs to be used and the sailing deadline date). Tom
  8. In spite of every one that my agent has spoken to agreed that we are correct, nobody seems to have the authority to reinstate the FCC that HAL has taken away originally. So my agent continues to email and call. Frustrating. Tom
  9. The supervisor at Reservation Accounting agrees that they have made a mistake, but it will take my agent to contact Guest Relations again to reinstate the FCC. Throughout the process, my agent has performed above and beyond his responsibility. I am sure glad to have him because HAL would not deal with me direct. Tom
  10. Reservation accounting is going to do a review after hearing my case on the phone. Tom
  11. My agent have emailed the person from HAL who contacted me initially. I can't possibly see how they can get away with such a mistake. Tom
  12. We found out HAL has made the mistake of giving us only 25% of FCC in their audit instead of 100% as they stated in their BLOG. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/news/holland-america-line-extends-pause-in-cruise-operations/ We are going to protest. Tom
  13. I am not savvy enough on my computer to retrieve any deletion. I am relying on my present agent to try to sort it out, but I am not hopeful. Tom
  14. Just got an email from HAL saying that when they did an internal audit they found out they had given my wife and I extra FCC that we shouldn't have although I thought the previous amount was correct. This was from cancellation of 3 cruises. As we thought all that have settled back in Dec. we have destroyed all our records and have no way of checking. My present agent cannot check into the first 2 cancellations as they were booked with someone else, whom I do not wish to work with any more. Don't know what I can do other than just accept what HAL says.
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