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  1. I was on a cruise on another cruise line earlier this year and a woman’s husband died while snorkeling in Grand Cayman. The wife and some of her family had to stay in Grand Cayman and needed their passports to get back in the US, which the crew gathered for them. Don’t say it won’t happen because it does, more often than you think or hear about. Imagine if she didn’t have one — it would have been one more thing to worry about on top of having to mourn her husband and figure out how to get him back home. most people that get left behind for any reason don’t plan on it or expect it to happen. It’s just that sometimes it does happen and it is best to be prepared. The car insurance comparison is a good one — chances are you will never need to use it, but it’s nice to have just in case you do. if money is an issue, perhaps getting passports at different times would ease the cost. Say for example, get one per year. That way when it is time for renewal, you won’t have that expense all at once.
  2. They also show in your cruise documents under itemized charges. Page 2 upper, left-hand side of the page. Shows your cruise fare, taxes, pre-paid gratuities, and insurance.
  3. You use your sign & sail card in the casino. If you have money leftover, put it in the slots, spin a few times, and cash out. I did this once, and ended up winning $300!
  4. With the new debarking procedures, everyone goes to guest services to get their zone tags as they are no longer delivered to your stateroom. Most of the low zone numbers are gone fairly quickly. You do have all of the options mentioned above, as well as getting FTTF, which allows you off the ship after diamond and platinum. You did not say why they cannot do self-debark. Keep in mind that when the early self-debark is packed and has long lines and can be quite disorganized. If they have mobility issues and cannot stand for long periods of time, breakfast and late debark might be best for you. Also keep in mind that the elevators will be packed as everyone is trying to get off the ship. Not sure if I will self-debark my next cruise, but I know I will wait to get off the ship.
  5. Sounds like Ike the OP got the old upsell speech each provider of any kind makes in the spa on every ship, every cruise line. A lot of people are in the spa bliss moment and take the upsell every time. While weight management may have been on the list, he may have given a upgraded weight management, hence the additional $50 charge. Kind of like when you go to a salon to get a deep hair treatment; brand x is included, nut if you want better quality that will last linger, go with brand y and it will only cost $50 more. I have had acupuncture on a few occasions, and each session has always brought relief for my ailment. Acupuncture is something you should only have done by someone that is qualified. By qualified, I don’t mean someone that has gotten certification after a 48-hour seminar. It is a practice that takes months and sometimes years to perfect. If done by someone that is properly qualified, it has many benefits;. Personally, I would never take acupuncture on a ship because it should be done in a proper clinic by a properly trained professional. There is an old saying — “Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.” Try it a few times, and you just might like it — or get relief from what ails you.
  6. Some have said you can only order 2 at a time. Try for 1 $500 card and then 2 separate orders for the remaining $400.
  7. The purchase will be done using your Sign and Sail card. Whatever you used to set up your account will be used. Apply the gift card to your S&S account, and you’re good.
  8. No one can tell you when you will be on board as it all depends on when the ship is cleared and ready to accept new passengers. Having FTTF means you board right after diamond, platinum, and weddings. Yes, with FTTF you choose a check-in time, but FTTF overrules that time. You can show up whenever to check-in, but may still have to wait to board.
  9. Even with drinks on us card, both need to purchase Cheers. You would need to figure out which way would be best for you. Do you both get drinks on us, or just your mom? Remember that each of you can bring on one bottle of wine at boarding, so those two bottles plus chef’s table, Cheers might not be a good purchase for you. Again, just my opinion; the decision would ultimately be up to you.
  10. Also with FTTF, you get to skip the long lines at guest services on board.
  11. You can ask for plastic. However, I have opted to purchase reusable.
  12. If you put down cash and use credit card as a back-up, they will not put a hold on your card unless you use up the cash. Just did this last month.
  13. I agree that the proper way is to fill a cup and dump it into the bottle. However, some people still put the bottle under the spigot. Your mouth was on that water bottle, you are placing that bottle against the spigot. Whether or not it is not the definition of cross-contamination, it’s disgusting.
  14. Please, please, please do not let the mouth of the bottle touch the spigot of whatever you are pouring into it. I saw this happen on a recent cruise, and I stayed away from that iced tea dispenser the rest of the cruise. I told the staff and they cleaned it, but it still grossed me out.
  15. Just to the rear of the casino. Very yummy by the way..... I had several, er I mean a few of them on my last cruise. 😬
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