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  1. Hello, All: it has been quite a while since cruising Royal. We are booked on the Oasis, hoping it will sail. I see they have a thermal suite and some other things I would like to try. Does anyone know if this is an extra cost, or can anyone use? thanks!
  2. I would like to know this as well. Last time I tried adding to an existing booking, it got denied by MyVEGAS. Maybe I did something wrong.
  3. Not all of them have reached home. Also, a lot of their airports and borders are closed which makes being able to leave and get back on the ship by august 1 very unlikely.
  4. Just curious — does anyone know what additional pre-screening is being done prior to boarding? I am having flashbacks to answering a four question form prior to boarding a previous cruise. You answered if you had a fever, cough, diarrhea, and so on. Everyone answered no to all the questions out of fear of being denied boarding. I have read that they have body scans to read your temperature, but my temperature runs high when I get migraines (sometimes over 100). Just want to know what they are doing.
  5. Booked Carnival, directly through Carnival. It may be that I booked solo, added a second person, and they were a no-show.
  6. I had a no-show recently, and was charged $100. I was refunded taxes, port fees, gratuities, but they charged me $100 for the no-show.
  7. Okay, so I booked a solo cruise. I paid in full. After final payment, a friend decided she wanted to join me. I just had to pay her taxes and port fees — no biggie. Well, set to sail on Friday, and she cannot get off work. Should I cancel her, or just have her be a no-show. I don’t think I would be out any money as I already paid the double fare, but don’t know for sure. Does anyone know? also, I completed the on-line check-in before she decided to come along. I printed my boarding pass. She has not done the on-line check-in; can I board with my old boarding pass? sorry if this is confusing.
  8. Prayers to you and your family. Filing the claim is very easy. I had payment from the insurance company within two weeks of filing all the required paperwork.
  9. You don’t need to do the embarkation photo — we always walk around it. However, if you want a picture of all of you together, priority will have to wait with non-priority.
  10. Congrats and enjoy! I look forward to getting there. Only 7 cruise days and I am there!
  11. I was booked solo, a friend of mine decided to come along, so I added him. Now, he doesn’t know if he can go as he recently moved and started a new job. He hasn’t checked in as of yet. I did on-line check-in before adding him. If he doesn’t complete his on-line check-in and doesn’t go, can I use the boarding pass I printed prior to adding him? Hope this makes sense.
  12. You can, but I wouldn’t do it all at once. I would put in a couple hundred, spin a few times, and cash out.
  13. The only thing you need to pre-pay is your trip and taxes. Everything else is optional. Shore excursions, spa reservations, specialty restaurants, can be booked ahead of time and paid for at time of booking. Same for Cheers. You can pre-pay your gratuities, but you don’t need to. If you book any of these after you step on the ship, it will be billed to your sign and sail account. If you order decorations, drinks, snacks, souvenirs, etc. through the Fun Shops, that is also paid for at time of purchase. I have never done these, so I cannot comment if you can get these items from the Fun Shops after the cruise starts.
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