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  1. Most important question — at least in my mind — please let us know the cost to ride Bolt!
  2. If you get Cheers, the milkshakes are included with that. In my humble opinion, they are quite good.
  3. You could always use an iPod. Has the app, but not the phone.
  4. I don’t mind the wristband. I do, however, prefer what Princess has. It doesn’t need to be a bracelet, you have options to choose from.
  5. Maybe with the new recommendations from the CDC (crew and passenger percentage vaccinated), they would allow cruises more that 7 days.
  6. October — and it is a 7 day. I checked, and it says my cruise is not cancelled. I will try again tomorrow, and if it doesn’t show, I will call to verify. I am sure it is just a technical issue on their end.
  7. Where did you see this? For some reason, my upcoming cruise isn’t showing up. I type in the booking number, and it still doesn’t work. back to your post — I hope you are right about it being a good sign.
  8. Agree 100 %. Have been on Allure and going on revamped Oasis soon!
  9. Black Friday has some really good deals on shore excursions, drink packages, and other add-ons (spa, dining, etc.). If they can wait until then to purchase these things, I would. If not, purchase now and check Black Friday. They can cancel and repurchase. I did this, and saved about $500 on drink packages and shore excursions.
  10. You still can. Just call and ask for one drink package, and one soda or refreshment package. No questions asked. Black Friday seems to be the day to get the best deal on these.
  11. What packages? It is very possible that with being a year and a half out, whatever you want to book is not available yet.
  12. The offer is only good on cruises through May 2022.
  13. I am going to one up you and say that I will remove any auto-added gratuities, as well as forego the “recommended” tipping by the cruise line, and tip as I feel appropriate, if at all. 😜
  14. I have taken a few cruises on MLK weekend as I got some pretty good deals. No busier than any other extended weekend cruise.
  15. According to cruise mapper, it shows, celebrity silhouette, MSc seaside, and the horizon in port of Miami. The navigator is heading in.
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