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  1. Nice review Jon. We had Budi as well and thought he did an awesome job. He never forgot our names and the room always looked great. Vicki
  2. These are all beautiful pictures! Here's one of mine from the Pride in May of 2011. It's sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay as we were returning.
  3. Thanks for the awesome review and pictures Gary! Can't wait until the next one ;).
  4. Nice review so far. Keep up the good work! :)We were on the Pride last May and loved it!
  5. Great pictures! DH and I will be on the Glory for the first time in May. We are really looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  6. We would do it for sure. Our last cruise was a 7 day with 3 ports and we never left the ship. We don't cruise for destinations, we cruise to cruise.
  7. I am loving all of these photos. Here's one of my favorites from our Pride cruise last month. It's sunrise on the Chesapeake Bay as we were returning.
  8. We just returned today from the Pride. Had an awesome time. I hope you do too! Bon voyage!
  9. DH and I will be sailing on the Pride on May 1. We can hardly wait. I always enjoy reading reviews. Looking forward to reading the rest of yours. Keep up the good work!
  10. DH and I use our tax refund. We figure we work hard enough for it so once a year we give ourselves a nice vacation. We don't make a lot of money but we do make sure to live within our means. We went on our first cruise together last year and enjoyed it so much that DH was already planning this year's cruise by the time we got off the ship.
  11. Great review and pics! Thanks for sharing. My DH and I will be on the Pride May 1 but are looking at the Dream for our 2012 cruise. Can't wait!
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