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  1. My March 7 Grand Princess cruise was cancelled on March 4. The only choice I had (not really a choice) was 100% cruise fare in FCC and 100% refund. Of course, I was quite pleased with that offer at the time. I received the FCC within a few days (March 6 maybe) and most of the refund. I received the final $700 of the refund a few weeks ago. The final $700 was a $500 gift card and a now expired $200 FCD. I hope you get your FCCs soon. We have rebooked for a 7 day April 2021 Caribbean cruise in a window suite where our original booking was for a 15 day Hawaii cruise in a balcony. I hope the April cruise sails.
  2. A few cruises had been cancelled before March 6...my March 7 Grand Princess cruise was cancelled by Princess on March 4.
  3. The pool and thermal suites are included. I have had a spa cabin on the Splendor and loved it. How long is the cruise? If it is 7 days or longer $50 pp more for the entire cruise is well worth it to me. That is cheaper than a week long spa pass for two. The pool was our favorite place and often not crowded on our cruise. The spa area also has a nice relaxation room with views to the outside that was nice to use since we had an inside cabin. We particularly enjoyed the relaxation room on the Dream going down the Mississippi River when it was out of New Orleans. You Tube has a few videos of the Splendor spa.
  4. Cruise Date: March 7, 2020 Ship: Grand Princess Cancellation date by Princess: March 4. 2020 No options were offered for this cancellation, but I was promised 100% cruise refund including all prepaids and 100% base fare FCC Final refund received: June 8, 2020 So I have received all that was promised now. 🙂
  5. I am happy to report that as of today (June 8), I have received all my refunds and my FCC from my March 7 Grand Princess cruise that Princess cancelled on March 4.
  6. Another update: I received the digital gift card today. I has a $500 balance as it should, but after what happened with the other balance, I am still skeptical.
  7. Princess cancelled our March 7 Grand Princess cruise on March 4. We weren't given choices on what to request, but what we will (eventually) get is quite generous. I received the cruise fare only in FCCs on March 5 or 6. I also received all of my refunds on March 5 or 6 except for a $500 gift card. I received my Future Cruise Deposit on March 5 or 6 and it expired on March 8 and disappeared from my account. I have asked about it, but it hasn't been returned yet. Yesterday, the $500 was back on my original gift card. Today, I received an email saying I would get a digital gift card soon. The $500 disappeared from the original gift card. So, basically, I am still owed $700 in refunds, but I did already receive 100% FCC for the cruise fare. I am not sure if you would call that bonus FCC or not, but it is paying for window suite on a 7 night Caribbean Princess cruise next April (hopefully), so I am happy with the FCC.
  8. Update: I received an email from gift card support at Princess today that said I would be received a digital gift card in refund of the $500 "in a few days". I thought this was odd, so I went back and checked the balance on the one that had $500 yesterday and it was back to $0 ! So, frustrated again!
  9. I received the $500 back on the original card today! 🙂
  10. If you do decide to stay near the airport, we stayed at the Radisson Vancouver Airport when we returned from our Sept./Oct. Alaska cruise in 2019. We were pleased with the hotel and it was easy walking distance to the Sky Train. Their free airport shuttle took us to the airport very early the next morning with no problems. We had stayed a few days in Vancouver before the cruise, so when we returned, we chose to just ride the Sky Train to see the gorgeous scenery...not everyone's cup of tea to just ride, but we had a great time. We did make a few interesting stops too. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen.
  11. $500 was put back on the original gift card I had used for my cancelled March 7 Grand Princess cruise. I am only owed a $200 FCD now. I have all the rest of my money back, plus the promised FCC. Happy!
  12. Even though I was told I would get a new gift card to replace the $500 one I used on my cancelled March 7 Grand Princess cruise, I check my account almost daily. Lo and behold, when I checked today, my existing gift card shows a balance of $500. I am happy. Princess has now paid me back everything except $200 FCD and has given me all the promised FCC. I have a Caribbean Princess Window Suite booked for April 24, 2021...here's hoping we get to go.
  13. Did they seem to be related to any refunds arriving?
  14. I received a copy of the cancellation email of my March 7 cruise today. No other changes refund-wise or anything else that I can see. Did anyone else receive this out-of-the-blue today? Never mind. I see references in another thread.
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