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  1. Copper 10-8, is it too early to ask who the Eurodam's captain will be for its January 26th Panama Canal cruise? Also, is Captain Willems still on board a HAL ship? Thanks!
  2. I have to agree! In 2011, a Black and White photographer overcame our somewhat strenuous resistance and we gave in to let her take our pictures. We had a great time with her as she shot what seemed like endless pictures and, as we prepared to view the proofs a day or two later, we decided we might spend $50 for a picture if we liked one of them. We saw the proofs, commented that no one had ever made us look that good, and put $500 on our credit card for 5 full size shots plus a disc with more than 50 proofs, and I don't regret it ever. They have often served as our FaceBook profile pictures but, far more important to me, one shot of the two of us is on our family room wall and one solo shot of my dear spouse was the picture in his memorial service worship folder just 4 years later. Friends who visited recently and who were looking at the family room picture commented on how great it is that I have the photo as a warm and wonderful memory. I wish I could remember the name of the photographer but, despite criticism I've read here about this company, I'll never regret the experience and the money we spent.
  3. detroit70


    My PCC reserves one for every cruise as soon as I book I book the trip. It's almost always been one of those tower fans so it's not taking up a lot of floor or counter space. I usually take an extension cord as well so I have some flexibility on where to place it.
  4. I was exploring possible cruises last week and, after finding a great itinerary and a very good price, I discovered that cabin 8094, a bump out, was still available on the Zuiderdam. I took that as a sign and I booked the cruise that night. I think it'll be my 3rd time in that cabin and I love it! There's more interior space between the couch and the balcony door, and the balcony is larger, but the real selling point is the ability to look forward besides straight out. (Just remember that your next door neighbor can see you when you're on the balcony. Hasn't been a problem...)
  5. I'm boarding the Zuiderdam in a month and am eager to see the current bar prices as I'm weighing whether to purchase the Signature Beverage Package. Thanks for your work to post the menu!
  6. Frankly, OleSalt, today at 11 the numbers at the port really looked little different than any of my previous 12 HAL cruises. And ironically, the muster drill had to be delayed due to late arrivals which would have been those arriving for their 3:30 check in time. I’m not going to respond further to the kind of comments you made about me.
  7. to clarify, Wannagonow123: most of the several hundred who were at the port at 11 am we’re not 4 star or Neptune’s with priority boarding. They just didn’t have the priority checkin but, as I watched the two line move, I don’t think they waited much longer as we had one person to check us in, and they had several. In other words, from my observation today, had you arrived at the port at 11, you probably could have boarded shortly after me. I’m sorry.
  8. I respect the differences of opinion that have been shared here about boarding earlier, and I’m hoping I don’t get flamed for this, but I want to share my experience today boarding the Koningsdam. For some very personal reasons and despite the email with later boarding times, I chose to arrive at the port at 11 this morning, along with several hundred other early arrivals. I’m fortunate to be 4 star so I moved rather quickly through the checkin process and then waited for a short time in the “holding pen.” As we walked onto the ship, we were advised that the cabins were not ready yet which no one seemed to complain about. I was on board and in the Neptune Lounge at 11:40, and 10 minutes later it was announced that all cabins were ready. Activities on board seemed to be in full swing, and I never heard any mention of the schedule that had been sent from HAL. Again, this isn’t meant to argue, but to simply share my experience.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback on boarding times, and I really don’t mean to argue but my experience has differed in the last two years. This will be my fourth cruise in that time period, I’ve received that same email for at least two of those cruises, and have been able to board between 11 and 12 every time. Additionally, a friend gave me a massage as a Christmas gift, and HAL scheduled it for 1:15 on Friday, which would be impossible with my boarding time. I guess we’ll see on Friday! Looking forward to meeting all of you...
  10. Thanks for the feedback. And I just learned today that the Koningsdam does offer Luggage Direct now and I'll be able to use it for my 12/21 cruise!
  11. Thanks, Nymich! I grew up there and continue to be proud of my hometown and the progress they're making in recent years!
  12. I have used Luggage Direct from Tampa and Fort Lauderdale to my home airport several times with no problems at all. However, when I searched Cruise Critic tonight on this topic, I found several posts with significant concerns as recently as November. When I flew out of Tampa two years ago, I was not able to check my luggage more than two hours before my United flight so I had to wander the airport for a few hours with luggage in tow, a significant hassle, and the reason I'm wanting to use the service again! Do any of you have recent experience with luggage direct at Fort Lauderdale? I'll be leaving the K'dam on Friday, December 28th and have a United flight scheduled to depart about 4:30.
  13. This post is the one that worries me. I've always arrived at the port at about 10:30, despite the emails with boarding times. Now I'm scheduled to board the K'dam this Friday in Fort Lauderdale and I'm wondering if HAL is really now enforcing the emailed schedule? Anyone with recent boardings in FLL?
  14. I called Ship Services today at the number above, and they are now available. I ordered the 16" tree as described above. On my last Christmas cruise, I took a few little battery-powered tea lights to place around the base of the tree which dressed it up a little more.
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