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  1. They were gone in January when I boarded the Eurodam.
  2. That’s exactly how it worked for me last week. When I boarded the Eurodam, I had a credit on my account for my mariner discount.
  3. I’m just back to my cabin on the Eurodam after the Sel de Mer dinner and it was incredibly good! The escargots were the most plump and tastiest I’ve ever had, and the lamb was simply amazing! I’d go back tomorrow if I could!
  4. I agree. I'm on the Eurodam today and, while it may not be quite as much as previously, there's still a good number of paper ads in my mailbox each day that go directly to the recycle bin immediately. Paper straws are available on request.
  5. This feels silly to ask, but do people wear white (shorts, slacks, shoes) in the Caribbean in January? (I'm starting to pack for this week's trip...) Thanks!
  6. I'm boarding the Eurodam on January 26. Can anyone tell me who the current captain is? Thanks!
  7. I was just about to book the Sel de Mer for my upcoming Eurodam cruise, boarding 1/26. Has anyone else had a recent experience with this dining option?
  8. I am booked in 8162 on the Eurodam, boarding a week from Sunday, 1/26. How was your experience with this Aft Wrap? (I must admit I've become nervous reading this set of posts, even though I booked this cabin intentionally after doing all the research I could on Cruise Critic and a couple other websites. I also relied on the fact that my late husband and I had the same cabin on deck 7 (7132) in 2014 for our Baltic cruise, and I don't remember any concerns about the cabin.) Thanks very much for anything you can share.
  9. Copper 10-8, is it too early to ask who the Eurodam's captain will be for its January 26th Panama Canal cruise? Also, is Captain Willems still on board a HAL ship? Thanks!
  10. I have to agree! In 2011, a Black and White photographer overcame our somewhat strenuous resistance and we gave in to let her take our pictures. We had a great time with her as she shot what seemed like endless pictures and, as we prepared to view the proofs a day or two later, we decided we might spend $50 for a picture if we liked one of them. We saw the proofs, commented that no one had ever made us look that good, and put $500 on our credit card for 5 full size shots plus a disc with more than 50 proofs, and I don't regret it ever. They have often served as our FaceBook profile picture
  11. My PCC reserves one for every cruise as soon as I book I book the trip. It's almost always been one of those tower fans so it's not taking up a lot of floor or counter space. I usually take an extension cord as well so I have some flexibility on where to place it.
  12. I was exploring possible cruises last week and, after finding a great itinerary and a very good price, I discovered that cabin 8094, a bump out, was still available on the Zuiderdam. I took that as a sign and I booked the cruise that night. I think it'll be my 3rd time in that cabin and I love it! There's more interior space between the couch and the balcony door, and the balcony is larger, but the real selling point is the ability to look forward besides straight out. (Just remember that your next door neighbor can see you when you're on the balcony. Hasn't been a problem...)
  13. I'm boarding the Zuiderdam in a month and am eager to see the current bar prices as I'm weighing whether to purchase the Signature Beverage Package. Thanks for your work to post the menu!
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