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  1. Our 5/22 Symphony sailing was cancelled (by Royal) back on March 9th. It showed as cancelled in our Cruise Planner until May 25 when it dropped off.
  2. We plan to stay at the same hotel pre and post cruise. Our plan is book all transfers to and from airport and port with one service. Have a nice list going thanks to recommendations posted in these forums. Good luck!
  3. Will be following both. Thanks! Hoping to sail Mardi Gras in 2023 or sooner.
  4. Thanks my first SG review! Plan to do BarHop on our MSC Seashore sailing in April. Can't wait!
  5. It's been 65 days since my cancelled May 22 sailing and I've not gotten the tax/fee refund yet. Royal did give me the FCC info but would not discuss the tax refund directly with me. TA says still in process. Hopefully I get the refund by EOM.
  6. My Seashore sailing April 2022 also has a 6:00PM departure. Hopeful this gets extended once cruising resumes to near normal levels. We were looking forward to the night time elements of the island.
  7. Nice report intro. Never been to Cozumel and will be a port stop for us when we sail MSC Seashore in April 2022. Have a couple ideas but enjoying all the tips you've provided so far. Can't wait for the pics.
  8. We booked Seaside out of Miami in April of 2018 and loved it. Really enjoyed the show format and short lengths. Only other large ship for us was Allure in 2019. Enjoyed both ships equally. If I had eaten more pizza, nod would have gone to Seaside. Loved it! Currently booked on MSC Seashore April of 2022 and Odyssey Greek Isle September 2022. Looking forward to a cruise on Meraviglia in the future. Enjoy!
  9. 🙂 I know! Going to start reading your Oct2019 now. So much for my afternoon run. 🏃‍♂️ 🤣
  10. Thank you for this report getting bumped back to page one. Totally enjoyed it! Our Symphony cruise in May was just cancelled so now thinking Greek Isles in June of 22 on Odyssey.
  11. I'm booked in April 22 on Seashore and can't wait for more details. I sailed Seaside in April of 2018 having booked early in 2016. I followed Sidari's informative posts for almost 2 years waiting for that cruise. Great info No reason to doubt him now especially given the covid issues.
  12. Rooting for you. I wish I had that crystal ball to say if May 22 will be a go. And I need it as well. Not on MSC but on Royal Symphony same day. Was actually trying to talk the wife into doing Meraviglia on the 29th. Won't be booking anything else 2021 until things start moving. Good luck.
  13. Only May 22 Symphony for 2021 currently. Flight and pre-cruise hotel already booked. I'm being hopeful!
  14. I know this is an older post but did not want to start a new drink package topic. Does anyone have a recent package comparison pdf they could share? The MSC site link is currently not working https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/Assets/Drink-Package-Flyer-01272020.pdf , and the only one I could find is from Oct 2019. https://www.msccruisesgetforms.com/cms/cmsimages/flyer/drink-packages/MSC-18-352_DRINK_PACKAGE_TRADE_KIT_rev_Oct2019.pdf? Not really concerned with any pricing just content comparison. Primarily beers and U.S. whiskeys (bourbon). Sailed Seaside in April 2018 and had the
  15. No deals for our Symphony May 22, 2021. DBP deal is $50pp no lower than the regular 40% off deals they have been having. Will be holding off for something lower. Would like $45.
  16. Plan on booking for the wife's birthday in 2022.
  17. This cruise has also interested me for April 23. Have never done a domestic river cruise. If we did this would arrive in New Orleans a few days early for the start of the French Quarter Festival.
  18. Have been considering this for December 2022. Anyone else here showing interest?
  19. Left handed so has to be Symphony. Booked May 2021. Hoping!
  20. Tried to get it yesterday at $42 for our 7 day May 2021 Symphony sailing. By the time I got there SOLD OUT but I could purchase for $60. Nope. Today it's back up to $67.
  21. I had a cruise on the Indy Nov 5th that we moved to Symphony in May 2021. I cancelled my Nov 5th Cruise Planner purchases on August 2nd and our CC was refunded on August 5th. Sometimes they are quick. Hope your issue gets resolved soon.
  22. Thanks for the PC review. Will be on the Joy to Bermuda in 2021 and will use this as a guide.
  23. Party of two on Allure early November. Most of our dining was in the MDR and the food was perfectly fine.
  24. I was given this link the other day. https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/adc/waivers/waiversLanding.do?fbclid=IwAR1Pr5qyhgw7889uv7PdNBNoNTLJuLb5YQwMGdrF7h89iem43NxZxzYCPVk Using it with Chrome I get an error after I "Submit". If I use it in IE I get a response "Reservation currently being modified". Been trying for two days now. On Allure next week so would like to get these done ahead of time. Not worth calling support for. I'll just do it on the ship.
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