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  1. 46 minutes ago, Obicat Cruiser said:
    Actually, The two acts seem to overlap.
    How does the Jones Act affect cruise ships?
    THE JONES ACT (U.S. Cabotage Law)

    The Jones Act (also known as the Passenger Services Act) prohibits ships of Non-U.S registry from embarking and debarking guests at two different U.S ports. Such travel would constitute point-to-point transportation between two U.S ports, which is prohibited on foreign flagged ships.

    Aren't those in fact 2 separate and distinct laws?

    I am by no means being snarky, I truly don't understand if they are or are not different laws, I hear the 2 terms used interchangeably so often.


    Sorry for the Wikipedia links, I know it isn't 100% reliable but they are quick and easy.




  2. On 7/17/2020 at 5:59 PM, ch09 said:

    I think either the Glory or the Conquest will be moved to the 3/4 Catalina and Ensenada run. My guess is that the Conquest will assume that role based on current location and dry dock is coming up. A dry dock is required to install the shore power hookup system required for California based cruise ships. The Miracle also does not have as much difference in passenger count than the Fantasy class ships. Inspiration takes 2056 passengers double occupancy vs the Miracle’s 2124 for double occupancy.

    So it looks like the Radiance will be taking over.

    • Carnival Radiance will move to Long Beach after its renovation is complete and is expected to arrive in April 2021 to begin Baja Mexico itineraries that had been run by Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration previously. 
    • Guests booked on Carnival Imagination and Carnival Inspiration after April 22, 2021, will sail on Carnival Radiance.


  3. 10 minutes ago, Buck Turgidson said:

    ecarbine, on your back to back how is your luggage handled between the cruises, we will be in a different room for our second week


    We had to change rooms on the second leg too, we moved to the room next door. We left our bags in the room and the steward took care of everything for us.

  4. 6 hours ago, Organized Chaos said:


    I second all of these. Especially that last one.

    I don't necessarily hate the Playlist shows, but many of those performers just aren't talented singers, in my opinion. This became real obvious last year when the ship was rocking a bit too much for one of the late shows and they just sat on stools and sang. They were terrible without the big stage production and we left after 2 1/2 songs. The shows could be so much more enjoyable if they hired better singers.


    I'd also like to cut obnoxious kids who run ragged onboard and break the rules without consequence.


    In regards to the whole cutting out plastics debate, someone in another thread said they recently returned from a Princess cruise (owned by Carnival Corp.) and they still have things like plastic pens in the cabins, they don't set out community containers of butter, and they have single-serve cereal boxes. It just doesn't make much sense to me for one cruise line to eliminate some of these items and use the excuse that it's "for the environment" when another cruise line (probably multiple lines) under their own Carnival Corp. umbrella still use the very same plastic products Carnival eliminated. The biggest reason plastics from Carnival were ending up in the ocean was because THEY were dumping them there. They were supposed to be separating plastic waste from food waste, but some ships weren't. Hence, their recent legal troubles. I think eliminating some of the plastic items was done more to make their jobs easier than it was for the environment.

    This is very interesting to me considering it was Carnival Corp and not Carnival Cruise Lines that was fined and it was fined due to violations committed by Princess Cruise Lines.

  5. 13 hours ago, ParrotRob said:


    Candies on the pillow, boxed cereal, butter pats AND a plastic pen?!  A PLASTIC PEN?!  Sign me up for Princess right away.  That plastic pen alone is worth the cost.

    I just keep the pen that I sign each receipt for my drinks with. That's 15 pens a day if I buy Cheers!

  6. 8 minutes ago, Cruisegirl6 said:

    Carbine- Thank you!

    On another note, I totally can relate to what you have mentioned, I myself, have had a handful of those type of people, and can relate to how you feel, but, let us nice people remain here and outnumber them and stand up for each other as you did for me, thank you again.👍

    You're welcome, I really do enjoy these forums but some people just cannot resist the temptation, that comes with the anonymity of the internet, to be dreadful human beings!

  7. 11 minutes ago, cruzn buckeye said:

    Dont let one persons reply make you hate cruise critic.  There are tons of people that post here that give friendly replies, and replies with some very good info.


    You are right, of course! I don't hate Cruise Critic, I enjoy it very much. I really don't care for the cruelty that I see some members display toward others. 

    I have edited my post and I apologize if I offended anyone!

  8. 8 hours ago, DramaQueen22 said:

    What the heck does this have to do with the question?  Dry dock and a hurricane don't even begin to compare.

    Really? It doesn't take some kind of Sherlock Holmes type of detective work to figure out that she mis-read the question!

    Seems to me that you are just trying to be mean and snarky!

  9. 21 minutes ago, quickrate said:

    I find this funny because do you think only people on clothing optional cruises sit on the couch naked or sleep in the bed naked?!! I think this is more common than you realize.


    I was not speaking hypothetically, I was recounting actual events in response to someones assertion that the ship would be sterilized top to bottom after a nude cruise.

  10. If people want to get all dressed up and pretend that they are eating in an elegant, fine dining establishment, then perhaps they could use their extraordinary imaginations to pretend I am dressed in a manner that fits their fantasy!

    Me, I am going to pretend I am at Hooters!

  11. 20 hours ago, brandi0727 said:

    Let's all hope that after they've had their naked fun,  the ship is completely sterilized from top to bottom before the next sailing!  

    In 2013 my wife and I sailed on the Carnival Freedom on the very first sailing after the" Big Naked Boat" cruise. My wife's entire carry on bag was filled with Clorox wipes and Lysol.

    When we got to our room we found what may or may not have been a skid mark on the couch! My Honey went crazy with the wipes and Lysol!!!

  12. On 3/24/2019 at 3:22 PM, beachbum53 said:

    This video was posted earlier today by John Heald. He's on the Magic this week.


    What we have found is that if you sneak the pen that you sign each of your drink receipts with into your pocket, it serves 2 purposes: Free pens and a tally of drinks each day! 15 each day if you buy the Cheers package, a 7 day cruise will get you 105 free pens!

  13. 7 minutes ago, mpdog42 said:

    I am not entitled, but platinum is something I have earned!

    I have been with carnival since 1993, and other's have been a lot longer, so in your opinion some first time cruiser who paid his fee(Bribe Money)for FTTF should be ahead of me, in the tender line or at Guest services...I Think Not!!


    If they get in line before you do, they absolutely should be ahead of you.

    The guidelines are set by Carnival and they decided our loyalty benefits,(I am also a Platinum) are available for a price and therefore loyalty has been trivialized!

  14. 36 minutes ago, mpdog42 said:

    Of course, you say yes to FTTF, Because your not Platinum..Will you buy FTTF when you get your Platinum status??..Of course not...I have said it before FTTF cheats Plat's and diamonds.


    When you get in line at Guest services you cheat the Plat/Diam behind you

    When you get a tender spot: You cheat a Plat/Diam behind you

    and all because you paid Bribe Money (in my opinion) to jump in line!!

    RC may have it's on set of problems but a least they don't offer FTTF (Bribe Money)


    I find it interesting that many of the Platinum and Diamond level cruiser speak about it like it is some kind of God given right! It is a perk that is offered by Carnival Cruise Line, the same line that offers FTTF for a fee.

    There is no cheating going on, there are no bribes being paid, no jumping in line, just people who feel entitled, who resent others who are willing to pay for the same benefit.

  15. At the end of the day, Carnival Cruise Line as well as every other cruise line is a businesses, who's sole purpose is to make a profit and provide earnings for their shareholders.

    It is their corporate responsibility to cut costs and expenses in order to maximize profits, they will and should continue this until the point of diminishing returns.

    When people stop purchasing their product, they will adjust their business plan in an attempt to attract customers once again.

    The only way to sway Carnival to change their ways is to vote with your money, take your money to the cruise line that most closely meets your needs and expectations!

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