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  1. Sure hope this is true for your cruise.
  2. American citizens won’t be able to go at all. It’s not just cruises.
  3. I hate that Trump did this.
  4. My doctor gave me his cell phone number. I have called him at any hour. He always answers. He’s a wonderful geriatrician.
  5. We have used ship to shore several times.The connection is great. Sometimes when you call a doctor, you get the answering service, and the doc calls you back. Is there a way to get the docs cell number to call just during the cruise?
  6. Wondering if the parking at the hotels is as safe as cruise parking- under lock and key. I don’t want to leave my car out where others can have access to it.
  7. When I saw your title, I thought it might be her. Haven’t seen her post in a long time. She was so helpful. Hope everything is ok.
  8. We never spoke to our steward, so we didn’t get an ice bucket. I would have been disgusted by the beer bucket. Guys Pig and Anchor was open for lunch at least one day. We walked by it. Lido was bright and we found seats, but at breakfast, the lines were long. I sat at a table while my husband got our food, and it took about 15 minutes for him to come back. We did not use the internet.
  9. When our girls were on their first cruise, we let them stay later at a dance club. They were 16 and 14. A man tried to entice them to come out of the club and walk around with him. They refused but he waited with another man and followed them when they left the club. They were scared and went outside on the deck which was empty. They were lost and very scared. They kept running until they found an area with people around. A Carnival security person walked them back to our cabin. I would never let my children walk around alone on any ship. I am very thankful that they were not raped or hurt in any way.
  10. We had to ask for the spa products which were in our cabin on the second day.. We had no shampoo in the dispenser either. The products were not Elemis like on Sunshine last time. They are named Ocean , and are very small samples. I was able to wash my short hair twice. Best to bring your own. I’m glad I did. Also there was no hand soap provided, so we had to get soap from the dispenser in the shower. The spa cabin is nice, though.
  11. I don’t think they did. I did not see anything and nothing in fun times about that.
  12. Hi, I didn’t feel any rocking until the second sea day. It wasn’t bad to me at all, but some people were seasick. The rest of the sailing was smooth.
  13. It’s on 5 . Go by the casino and through toward the Alchemy Bar.. Check in desk on the left.
  14. I had difficulty with the ap. We just went to the desk and then to dinner.
  15. Hi there, we never went to comedy club, but I’m sure someone will chime in. For anytime dining, you check in on deck 5. If there’s a table, you go right to the dining room. If not, they will give you a pager.
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