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  1. Globetrotter21, we didn’t have any money for a cruise while in our 30s 😁. We took our first cruise at age 42. If I had children at home during this time, I probably wouldn’t go due to the chance of quarantine.
  2. We must cancel May 4 cruise. We are over 60 and following guidelines. I am sad to lose 1300$. One of us if an MD. This virus is going to kill so many people. Wish we were in our 30’s. Praying for all of you on ships to have a wonderful and safe trip.
  3. Those front cabins are very desirable, and go quickly. We snagged one on the Sunrise last fall 9109 , I think. We sailed from Charleston to Bahamas. We were supposed to go to Bermuda, but the storm rerouted us. Enjoy your cruise!
  4. Wow! You scared me! I just looked and there are many cabins available- I only looked at balcony- but there are regular balconies, cove , aft, aft vista, cloud 9, and aft extended view. I can’t decide which one to book. Looking forward to sailing to Bermuda.
  5. We sailed on a 10 day cruise and an 11 day cruise from Norfolk on Holland America’s Maasdam. Both were Southern Caribbean cruises- one in the spring and the other was in the fall. I wish there could be some longer cruise choices as well.
  6. I just saw this on the news,too. This is wonderful!
  7. Thanks, tandemcruzr. I was just looking at the pdf deck plans, and I think if the prices go down for the spa balconies, I might be able to upgrade to deck 11 and receive the new pricing. I’ve never seen a ship sailing from Norfolk with so many unsold cabins. i appreciate your input very much.
  8. I’m in an 8P and the extended aft balcony is an 8 N or M.
  9. I have a spa balcony booked on Sunrise. I did not book early saver. If I want to upgrade, is an extended balcony a higher category? Thanks in advance.
  10. Corona virus is not the flu. Your flu vaccine protects you from the flu virus.
  11. On my next cruise, I’m ordering bottles of wine to be delivered to my cabin upon embarkation. I’ll just not drink them, and bring them home.
  12. No laundry if you are quarantined in your cabin.
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