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  1. Heather, I get an email from Carnival telling me that the credit was applied to our account. I never see it on the booking , though. In the past, I have called Carnival to make sure it is on there. It always has been applied.

    I also screenshot the email in case I have to go to guest services, but after 10 or so cruises, there’s not ever a problem.

  2. 8 minutes ago, crusing48/51 said:

    We have a cruise booked on the Sunshine to Cuba for January 2020. Just waiting and seeing what Carnival says. Still want to go, and will hopefully get there. 


    Read that if you already have travel booked they will honor it. Only travel booked after June 5th not permitted. We'll see. Fingers crossed!

    Sure hope this is true for your cruise.

  3. 2 hours ago, Erik101 said:

    When a patient calls during after hours, the answering service will direct the patient to the MD on call.  I’ve worked in healthcare for 12 years.  No doctor I know of gives their cell to patients since that will give patients the green light to call at any time.  MDs need their rest too and not one of them would want to pick up a patient’s call at 4am unless they are actually working. 

    My doctor gave me his cell phone number. I have called him at any hour. He always answers. He’s a wonderful geriatrician.

  4. 1 hour ago, Phil_and_Cyndi said:

    I saw this on another Sunrise review, is this true?


    • No ice bucket. When we asked for ice we received an uncovered plastic tub for which they sell multiple beers full of ice in our cabin.  No tongs no cover, just a tub of ice. Bless her heart she brought it every day.
    • Guys Pig and Anchor was not open for business.
    • Lido was bright and large. Congested and very very long lines for no apparent reason.
    • The expensive WI/FI was not working for anyone. Was non-existent or spotty at best. No refunds.

    We never spoke to our steward, so we didn’t get an ice bucket. I would have been disgusted by the beer bucket.


    Guys Pig and Anchor was open for lunch at least one day. We walked by it.


    Lido was bright and we found seats, but at breakfast, the lines were long. I sat at a table while my husband got our food, and it took about 15 minutes for him to come back.


    We did not use the internet.

  5. 1 hour ago, xDisconnections said:

    Not quite. The truth is, there are several thousand people onboard each with different intentions and it’s like a small city. It’s not uncommon for assaults, murders, rapes, thefts and other criminal activities to occur. For some reason, people seem to forget about being mindful of their surroundings when traveling to places such as Disney World or cruise ships where the presence of security theater is giving the guests a false perception of a completely safe environment.


    Nearly every single cruise, someone is being arrested for an outstanding warrant as soon as the ship returns to its port of disembarkation in the US. We may never know what that warrant was issued for.

    When our girls were on their first cruise, we let them stay later at a dance club. They were 16 and 14. A man tried to entice them to come out of the club and walk around with him. They refused but he waited with another man and followed them when they left the club. They were scared and went outside on the deck which was empty. They were lost and very scared. They kept running until they found an area with people around. A Carnival security person walked them back to our cabin.

    I would never let my children walk around alone on any ship. I am very thankful that they were not raped or hurt in any way.

  6. 1 hour ago, Lizard755 said:

    Beacha I have a question regarding the Spa Cabins.  Do they replenish the Elemis Shampoo and Soaps during the cruise or do you just get a small sample.  I would love to not need to bring Shampoo or Soap from home.  Excited to be in a Spa Cabin!!

    We had to ask for the spa products which were in our cabin on the second day.. We had no shampoo in the dispenser either. The products were not Elemis like on Sunshine last time. They are named Ocean , and are very small samples. I was able to wash my short hair twice. Best to bring your own. I’m glad I did. Also there was no hand soap provided, so we had to get soap from the dispenser in the shower.

    The spa cabin is nice, though.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Maraprince said:

    On deck 5 in the morning did they have a mini buffet set up like on the Sunshine?



    I don’t think they did. I did not see anything and nothing in fun times about that.

  8. 12 hours ago, RRLLAL said:



    What did the 2 of you think about the rocking of the boat? A few people on Facebook who were on the cruise felt it rocked a lot for about 4-5 days. Even in calm seas and worse than any cruise they said they've been on. Your thoughts?


    I didn’t feel any rocking until the second sea day. It wasn’t bad to me at all, but some people were seasick. The rest of the sailing was smooth.

  9. 13 minutes ago, emm126 said:

    I am surprised the Sunrise does not have where you can request your table for ATD thru the App like it has on the Horizon. When your table is ready, it will tell you what the table # is.

    I had difficulty with the ap. We just went to the desk and then to dinner.

  10. 32 minutes ago, Liverpoollovely said:

    A few questions...


    1) Did you go to the Limelight lounge for comedy shows?  


    2) If you did go to the shows what was the set up? (I remember on the Sunshine you had to leave and go up to deck five and down to three again to await the next show) and was the comedy club big, medium or small?  


    3) where is the nearest bar to the comedy club? Does the comedy club have a bar inside? 


    4) any time dining.... do you know what the situation is with that? (On the Sunshine there was a check in ayatem however I have not seen that on any other ship on the fleet.. so I am wondering if this is a refurbished ship speciality) 


    Hi there,

    we never went to comedy club, but I’m sure someone will chime in. 

    For anytime dining, you check in on deck 5. If there’s a table, you go right to the dining room. If not, they will give you a pager.

  11. 14 minutes ago, MauiWowie57 said:

    Hi, and welcome to Carnival.  NO worries, I'll start the replies with what I know:


    We are cruising to Bermuda on Sunrise in September. If the ship leaves Bermuda at 5pm, what time must we be back on the ship? I believe with NCL it was 1 or 2 hours (can't remember exactly) but I can't find Carnival's policy anywhere.

    • It's usually an hour before 'cast off' and 'underway time.'  Bermuda isn't that big, but if you're going on your own, sometimes getting a cab back to the ship is problematic.  Roads are narrow, etc. 

    Here are a few more questions I have:


    1) Adults-only Serenity area is included in the cruise cost, right? I seem to remember that NCL charges (or at least used to) for their adults-only area so I want to make sure I didn't misinterpret that Carnival includes it. And speaking of Serenity, are those fancy cabanas first come first serve or is there a fee to reserve? Again, on NCL I think there was a fee to reserve them.

    • It's included, no charge.  Everything is fc, first served - which leads to "chair hogging," - people that get up, pile stuff into a lounger, then disappear to work out or eat or something.  (I suppose that's the problem with them being offered free!).  Suggest you tag-team with your cruise partner and post a guard while the other one goes for chow, as we say in the Marines.


    2) The deck plans make it look like the Fitness Center is inside the Spa. Would we need a spa pass to be able to use the Fitness Center?

    • It does like that doesn't it? I've never been on the Sunrise/Triumph but I've been on her sister ships. You don't need a spa pass to use the gym/fitness center, though they're in close proximity to each other. The "spa pass" (extra charge) is getting you access to the Thalassotherapy Pool (very high end hot tub) and the magical heated tile loungers.  There most likely is a charge for exercise classes, yoga, etc. Gym remains free. There are free hot tubs out on deck of course. 


    3) I know on Elegant night(s), there is a more upscale dress code. I think we'd prefer to avoid packing a special outfit for 1 day so I know we won't be able to use the MDR. But I know the Lido Buffet will be available. What about the other free restaurants? Will those follow the Elegant dress code or will they be casual like Lido? Just wondering if on Elegant night if Lido will be our only dinner option unless we pack a nicer outfit for everyone. 

    • Don't worry about the Elegant nights, unless you want to. Of course the Lido has a relaxed dress code, if, as an example, men show up in the MDR with a "collared shirt" on, that's more than fine.  Even on Holland America, I haven't seen people turned away from the MDR on elegant nights as long as they weren't in shorts and a tank top. 


    4) What restaurants are open for lunch on embarkation day? I know Lido is and so is the Italian place (right?). Wondering what our food options will be that day. Which will be the least crowded place to eat on embarkation day?

    • Anything up on deck would be busy - the Italian place  ( CUCINA DEL CAPITANO) may or may not be more crowded than, say, Blue Iguana out on deck. I'd just get on the ship and start exploring, and when your nose lights up and it's not too crowded...eat!


    5) Will the pool be open for use immediately upon embarkation? We are weighing whether to try and get on board as early as possible and let my 10 year old enjoy the pool before it's packed vs spending time in New York for a few hours. 

    • It most likely will be, but it's NYC in September so it's liable to be a bit chilly!  The main pool has a retractable cover though, so shouldn't be too bad.


    6) Can kids join you in the lounges? In case there's ever a night we want to go to one of the lounges and listen to some live music, just wanted to know if those are considered adult-only or not. We plan on making use of Camp Ocean so we can always ship him off to them if we can't take him with us.

    • Yes, of course.  They also do two sets of shows at the Comedy Club, 'family' friendly "adult only." 


    7) How busy do the activities on board get during different times? Meaning what are generally the best times to try to do the mini golf or ropes course or go to the sports square area? 

    • I'll leave that one to someone just there, but I imagine it's dependent on the weather, time of year, itinerary (long/short/Spring Break) as to how active your fellow passengers are. Sounds like you're going right after school's started, so mostly single adults and retirees? 


    8 ) Is a spa balcony worth paying an additional $142 over a regular balcony? I never did a spa pass with my 2 NCL cruises and I'm not sure how much I'd use it since I think the Serenity area is included. So I'm not sure if I want to "upgrade" to a spa balcony or not (we are currently booked in a regular balcony).

    • I think what you're getting with the upcharge (aside from a special bathrobe) is access to the Thermal suites (the super hot tub, special steam rooms, heated lounger)  I mentioned. Serenity is included in your basic cruise fare, so unless you really want to hang out in the Spa, it's not worth it. I believe they'll also sell Spa passes to non-Spa cabin cruisers, so it can get crowded in there (that was my experience on the Vista). 

    Also, there is no thellasotherapy pool on Sunrise.

  12. 2 hours ago, mizLORInj said:

    Guy's Pig and Anchor had lunch on sea days?  We ate at this place on Horizon and thought it was very good. 

    In a couple weeks it's my turn on Sunrise! YAY!


    The Pig and Anchor was open sometime for lunch, but not every day.

  13. 2 hours ago, Maraprince said:

    Questions regarding the lunch time buffet...did they have barbeque spare ribs, dedicated Asian section, sandwiches made to order?





    Sorry, I don’t know about lunch places. We didn’t eat lunch. There is a Bonsai restaurant on deck 5. I saw Guy’s Pig and Anchor on deck 10 aft. There was a deli, but I didn’t look at the menu.

  14. Hi there,

    Serenity is included in your fare.

    Fitness center is in the spa are but is free for all passengers, 18 and over I think.

    You can wear a polo shirt and khakis on elegant night. You don’t need a special outfit.Lido, Guy’s burgers , and pizza are available at no charge. You can wear very casual those places.

    I’m not sure about the pool. We got on at 5:30- right before the muster drill.

    We were on Sunrise last week, and there were many well behaved children sitting in the lounges with their parents.

    I never went up to sports square, but my husband jogged up there every day and said it was not crowded. The ropes course closes at sunset, I believe. I found that places cleared out about 4:30 when folks were getting ready for dinner.

    We were in a spa balcony on deck 10. We really enjoyed the steam rooms and sauna(both co-Ed) Also the heated tile loungers are relaxing. Those areas were practically empty in early evening. We ate dinner late.

    Ask any other questions if you like.


  15. On 9/1/2015 at 12:20 PM, NCTribeFan said:

    OP, I don't believe anyone knows for sure. They (the Players Club) isn't going to broadcast their Secret Formula given how info is so easily shared online these days.


    I've never received a Bounce-back offer even though I've had well over 2,500 points. Some have suggested that it was because I already had at least one more cruise booked at the time (which, to me, is just wrong; if you meet the criteria, you should receive one). Others have said it's 5,000 points (which I haven't quite reached but when you play tables, you don't really know how many points you've accumulated).


    I have started receiving the Premier offers (past two cruises were Premier and my 11/29 will also be). However, my offers have NOT been for free cabins. I get a discounted rate (not a lot; not remotely close to free) and my casino cash has never been more than $300. Still, if I'm planning on cruising (I had already booked the 11/29 Sunshine Journeys when the Premier offer came out and was able to switch the rate), booking a Premier just makes sense. The casino cash plus Drinks on Us card help with the costs, especially if I'm solo.


    Just received a new round of Premier offers but I can't sail from January to mid-April.


    There are quite a few threads on here about this subject. If you search for them, you'll find lots of varying thoughts and theories.

    How are the offers presented? Do you get an email or post office mailing?

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