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  1. Smoking was allowed everywhere in the Casino. It was the only place on the ship where folks could smoke at night. It was designated on one deck outside, but at night it would have been cold and windy. We spent several hours in the Casino each night. The smoke was thick, but it’s allowed so that’s that.
  2. No waterfall or anywhere to cool off on Sunrise Serenity unless you want to go down the slide. Very disappointing .
  3. Hi there! Your Time Dining was in the Sunshine Restaurant 3 Aft. It was a lovely atmosphere.
  4. No thalasatherapy pool on Sunrise.
  5. We ate in the dining room three times. The food was very good.
  6. Yes, it was very nice. We had a spa cabin, so we used the steam room and sauna every evening. It was never crowded.
  7. Hi, the breakfast lines on sea days were pretty crowded, but we ate between 9:30-10:30, so to be expected. The really hard place to get through we’re the little passageways on the lido by the restaurant and the pool deck.
  8. Hi, We hopped off the ship in Grand Turk hoping to snorkel from the beach, but the water was extremely rough. When you get off the ship turn right. You will leave the cruise port area. There looks like some reefs off the shore a bit. We kept on walking and came to the part of the island that fronts the Atlantic Ocean. It was so rough, but beautiful. We stopped at a bar on the way back to the ship ,”The Beached Whale” which was a lovely little place. Sad we couldn’t snorkel. No real reefs at Half Moon, but a beautiful beach. At Freeport, we had planned to take a taxi to Deadman’s Reef, but I was too burned to go. We have snorkeled there many times and it was great.
  9. My favorite update is the Red Frog Pub. It has room for a stage , and a great band was playing there all week. The aft pool seemed the same as Triumph, but it’s been over 10 years since we sailed Triumph.
  10. Hello, There are two ice cream/frozen yogurt self service machines on the lido. We didn’t go to the brunch, so maybe someone else could answer that. Also never visited the deli.
  11. I never felt crowded while on the ship except walking from lido to pool area. There is such a small walkway that it is hard to get through.
  12. Though we didn’t eat at the Lido late at night, we saw yummy buffets every night. People were commenting about what a great selection they had. Pizza! My personal favorite. Ice cream was the best I’ve ever had on any ship. The cones on the lido from the serve yourself dispenser.
  13. I was disappointed in the Serenity area on Sunrise. It was chopped up with small areas and dead ends. You couldn’t walk all the way around, and the bar was off in a cubby hole. There weren’t as many loungers as on Sunshine, and no place to cool off. I missed having a pool. There was a large hot tub, very nice. The evenings were pleasant up there while everyone was getting ready for dinner. We ate late.
  14. Hi there! Our balcony cabin did have a fridge. I think it could hold 2 6 packs of drinks. It didn’t feel too cold, though. There were 2 outlets by the desk/ mirror. We were able to use CPAP without the extension cord. No outlets by the bed, though. Everything was up and running; we never encountered areas closed due to incomplete dry dock work.
  15. We were on the inaugural sailing. I will write a review for this trip, but will answer any questions you might have while my memory is fresh.
  16. This Serenity deck is the worst I’ve seen. It’s very small with few loungers. No where to cool off on deck. The bar was hidden in a small cubby like area. You could not walk all the way around. It was very disappointing, as we have enjoyed Serenity on Sunshine and Pride.
  17. Waiting to disembark Sunrise now. Our room steward never spoke to us.
  18. We have ALWAYS been thankful for each guide who showed up at any island venue. On Dominica, almost 15 years ago, a guide appeared and said he would help us. I was going blind at the time- it was just beginning to affect my life. He knew exact where to point to help me get up a mountain to see a magnificent waterfall and hot spring. I have been back there many times, but can no longer navigate the mountain. I am so thankful for this young man. Feel free to use these local folks. They are there to help you.
  19. Check your cruises to Cuba. I had just booked one for 2020. 😡
  20. I agree. Cruise on 4/29/19. I am a shareholder. Disappointed in Carnival.
  21. When is your cruise? I received a reply from the maitre’d on Sunshine about a week before our cruise. I made a request for a two top about 10 days before the cruise.
  22. We have sailed Sunshine 3 times. The first two times we had late dining assigned. We asked for and got a two top. It was wonderful. The dining room was very beautiful and bright. We love the dining experience. On our third Sunshine cruise, we chose anytime dining. We were placed in a dining room mid ship that was dark, and had low ceilings. I felt like I was in Applebee’s. It was so loud, and the people were loud as well. It was so disappointing , that we never went back there. We ate a late lunch at the pizza place or at Guys . I sure hope our next cruise on Sunrise will provide a better dining experience. We chose anytime dining again, but we will be happy with pizza if the dining room is awful. We did sail on RCL from Baltimore last year, and the anytime dining room was great. Hopefully Sunrise will be also.
  23. I would never check my luggage. I would die if something happened to my bags and my clothes were lost.
  24. Great photo! I was watching that day. It was a wonderful show. Love that Carnival did this! Have a great cruise. We are sailing Sunrise soon and can’t wait!
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