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  1. Great idea! Don’t board hungry.
  2. All the big production shows are family friendly. I think your grandsons are great ages to enjoy them. Also, they aren’t very long- about 45 minutes.
  3. Sea days are so relaxing. I begin with a pair of shorts and a cute t shirt for coffee on the Serenity deck. Sometimes we bring a second cup back to our balcony. After that, I put on fun workout clothes and hit the gym. Then, after that, we find chairs on Serenity, change into swimwear and I love to wear cute coverups. We grab fruit and such from Lido and relax on deck for a while. Later, after a shower, I’ll change into a sundress or caftan for walking around the ship. Back into swim wear for visit to the thermal suites in late afternoon. I always wear dresses to dinner. In the late evening I might wear jeans and a dressy top with leopard flats. I carry a pashmina in the evening.
  4. We are 10 minutes from the port. I have always used only a carry on. My reasoning is that my clothes are very expensive and I cannot replace the items. On every cruise we have sailed, a letter appears under the cabin door. It has a photo copy of a suitcase that has gone missing. I will not take a chance that this suitcase could be mine. I don’t bring very much on a Caribbean cruise... mostly bathing suits and cover ups. I do wear dresses every evening and I bring a few t shirts and a couple pair of shorts. It all fits in the carry on. My husband hates it though, because he has to drag it up from the gangway up to deck 11. The elevators are too crowded to get on at embarkation.
  5. Pretty much the same stuff.
  6. Yes, but you must own 100 shares. We have been pleased with the stock.
  7. Plus, you can get this perk on Holland and Princess also. Carnival owns these lines.
  8. 5 days we got$50 7 days we are getting $100
  9. We have sailed from Norfolk 7 times. We have always done self assist.
  10. We have sailed in spa balcony three times now. Loved the steam rooms! If I’m right, only the first two people are able to use the spa. The spa balconies are so quiet.
  11. We sailed Sunshine and Royal to Bermuda last year. We docked both times at The Royal Navy Dockyard.
  12. The inaugural sail date is April 29 , 2019 from Norfolk , VA.
  13. I have purchased wine bottles from several different bars on the ship, and taken each one back to our cabin.
  14. I’m booked an a spa cabin, too. My reservation doesn’t specify spa cabin-just the cabin number. If you are a little worried about it, just call Carnival and ask to make sure. We love the spa balcony cabins. It’s so quiet on those decks.The steam rooms are wonderful.have a great cruise!
  15. We have sailed twice on Sunshine . Both times we have been in spa cabins. Once inside and then balcony. We loved the balcony and being so close to the spa. We were in the steam rooms every evening. There is a small elevator that goes up to Serenity decks —11 and 12. It was slower , but always worked.
  16. We have cruised twice on Sunshine-5 day from Norfolk. We don’t smoke and never smelled smoke except for near the Casino. The food was very good. The Serenity deck is the best we have ever experienced. There were plenty of chairs/loungers available in the late morning. we liked the upstairs dining room, but on the second cruise we were assigned to the lower dining room. We didn’t like that space, and only ate there twice. We loved having breakfast in the Havana area every morning. Happy cruising!
  17. We are empty nesters in our 60s. We loved the Sunshine so much, we sailed her 2 years in a row. Serenity was the best! I have always enjoyed our Carnival cruises. We have sailed on Holland and Royal , also. Enjoy your vacation.
  18. You will adore the spa balcony on Sunshine. It’s so quiet. The steam rooms are wonderful! Have fun!
  19. Sunshine is my favorite Carnival ship. Can’t wait for the inaugural cruise on Sunrise.enjoy your cruises, everyone!
  20. Wondering if the aft pool on Sunrise is adult only. Doesn’t look like there is a pool on the Serenity deck.
  21. I email the matre d of the ship one week before my cruise and respectfully make my request. I have always been pleased with the dining table. Don’t email too early. They begin the seating about one week out. You should still visit the dining room upon boarding to see where your family will be seated.
  22. Metoo. We are booked on the inaugural cruise from Norfolk, and I wish the Sunrise was more like the Sunshine.
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