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  1. Following - I'm looking at this excursion right now. I'll be there next Saturday and was wondering which excursion to book.
  2. Might want to double-check your credit card. Last time we changed flights because of a time-change issue, the upgraded seats were refunded automatically. YMMV of course. Thank you! I've been checking my card, and so far no refunds. I called AA about a month after the change was made to see if the refund would be on the way, and they said it would not be credited back until after we take the flights. So....after we fly in April, I'll check my statement for a month and if that doesn't work, I'll pursue the refund via the AA site.
  3. Hi Everyone! Our ship will be stopping in Bonaire and we are planning to scuba dive at that port. Do any of you have experience with VIP Diving? Do any of you have dive site recommendations for Bonaire? I'll be diving with my husband and daughter (14 yrs old with Jr. Open Water cert). According to her, she would like to see "more than just fish" (turtles, rays, sharks!!!!, octopus, eels, etc.). Thanks in advance for any tips and pointers!!!
  4. Thank you! We learned our lesson several cruises ago and now stay the night before we set sail.....and next time, I'll heed your advice and also stay the night after we set sail!!!
  5. Wow - you sure are something! I didn't delete any posts. REALLY!!!! I don't even see a "delete" option on these posts. I see "report post" and a "share" icon. That's it. Maybe you could do some fact checking before telling me what to do with my skin! LOL I do agree with not getting any extra credit by planning ahead. I will certainly keep this in mind for upcoming trips.
  6. Well, I bit the bullet and rebooked our return flights - going from 1 layover to 2 and having to pay additional $$$ for the upgraded "main cabin extra" seats on AA. Now we're on 10:41 am return flights instead of 7:54 am. That is a little better. I'll still request an early departure, but at least I won't be too stressed about potentially missing our flights. Stinks though that I had to cough up $300 more for the "main cabin extra" after already paying $620 for the upgraded seats. I planned ahead and purchased the tickets back in August. So much for planning ahead!!!
  7. Hi Zach, The cruise ends on Sunday, April 21. Thank you!
  8. OMG - I just checked the flights to "do the leg work" as Ashland suggests, and there aren't any other flights available with just 1 stop. The flight I purchased is from SJU to DFW to SMF, and that flight no longer shows up on their available flights when I do a search from SJU to SMF. All the flights that show up now have 2 stops at MIA & DFW, MIA & LAX, MIA & CLT, PHL & PHX, etc. Ugh. Also, out of the 40 available flights, only 9 of them leave after 10 am and several don't arrive until the wee hours of Monday morning. This really stinks. I think I'm going to need to gamble on an early debarkation....
  9. Thank you all. I will call AA and try to deal with them. The problem that I fear is that I booked the flights through Expedia and added the hotel the day before (we're flying in the day before - well, night, now, because of other flight time changes). I also upgraded all legs of the flight to the bulkhead seats (front row 7 in the main cabin) through AA by paying an additional $600 or so. Grrrrrrr...... So much for planning ahead. Thank you again for your input.
  10. Hello, I'm on an RCI cruise sailing out of San Juan, PR, over spring break in 2019. My original return flight home was departing at 10:00 am, which I was fine with. Just this morning, American Airlines changed the flight time to depart at 7:56 am!!!! I called RCI and they said I just need to request an early departure from the ship and that we will be able to make our flight. I've never cut it so close before - what are your experiences with really early flights at the end of your cruise? Dena
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