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  1. Thanks for this information! Where did you find it? We are booked on an Antarctica cruise in Februarly 2022 and I would like to monitor any news as to the status of the sailing. Thanks, Anne (Smokey Angus)
  2. Hi, Lvshack!!! I enjoyed the pictures and the droll wit! I hope some day to meet you someplace in the world!!!! THANKS, and take care! Anne and Bob
  3. HI! THANKS to ALL who posted about dress aboard the Muse. It just seemed a bit fancier to me, so glad to hear it is more of what we are used to! Here is to everyone staying healthy and safe! Anne and Bob
  4. THANKS, Stumblefoot! I had seen this information previously; additionally, I was wondering about the experiences of those who have sailed on the Spirit and Muse. Thanks again! Anne
  5. HI, We have been on the Cloud and the Wind; booked for Explorer, Spirit and Muse. What is the dress code for Spirit and Muse, please? Thanks, Anne and Bob Maryland
  6. We are also on this trip, having been on the Cloud in 2018 for the Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq trip (which was fantastic!). There are no formal nights. I think my husband may have packed a suit jacket for dinner, but not a suit and I do not believe he ever wore a tie (but may have brought one just in case). AND he did not wear the jacket very often, generally a nice shirt and slacks as he would to work. As it is an expedition cruise, we found it more casual than we expected, but still "nice". We saw men in suits at dinner, but not many. Women wore nice dresses or slacks/tops (as one would to
  7. We are on that trip next year; hoping it sails for you this year!
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