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  1. I, too,check my account daily. On a recent sailing there was an error. I asked the Retreat Concierge to have the charge reversed as I too have the Premium Package and should have no charges for a drink I purchased in Rendezvous Lounge. The charge was never reversed onboard although I reminded to Concierge several times. Once at home I contacted Celebrity and spoke to a very nice gentleman who asked me for my credit card number and said I should see a credit within 10-14 days. Almost 3 weeks passed and no credit. I sent an email and this very nice gentleman called and left me a message indicating that he did request the refund and if I still didn't see it on my credit card to call him back. I called him back several hours after he left the message - he was busy helping another person on the phone but I spoke with a very nice young lady who told me, yes, she could see where XXX requested the credit but I don't see where our Accounting Department made any disbursement. She told me that XXX would call me back "tomorrow" with all the information on where my credit was. The next day - Crickets. Never heard back from XXX at Celebrity and a full week has passed and no word from him and no credit posted to my credit card. I give up. Not worth my aggravation trying to deal with them to get a measly $6 back......BUT just imagine how much money Celebrity could make on a weekly basis if they overcharged every passenger by $6. I guess they need my six bucks more than I do!!
  2. Iā€™m thinking now that maybe there are 2 separate programs.....this premier pass and then the suite program I was told about. Sounds like they are 2 totally separate programs?????
  3. I've been informed by my travel agent that only guests in upper suites, who have family or friends that are travelling with them but not in a suite, may buy this. The program is limited to the first 16 people who sign up. It is on a priority basis, meaning offered to Penthouse first, then Royal, then Celebrity suite guests. It is $59 per person, per day and must be paid prior to sailing. This would be purchased, for example, if you and your partner were traveling in the PH but had friends traveling in a verandah cabin. You could purchase this package for your friends in the verandah cabin. So not every person onboard is eligible to purchase this program. Also it's a pilot program and may or may not stay.
  4. Jim, Thanks for all the posting and pictures. I enjoyed following along. Safe trip back home to you and Iain. Janice
  5. That collection had been preserved on the Summit "pre-revolution". I, too, am happy to see that Celebrity kept the collection!
  6. It's very windy here on the East Coast today. You may be experiencing that wind out to sea which might be causing the higher than typical seas. The wind started yesterday afternoon and cleared out the rain and humidity we were having all week. Beautiful, clear air today with temps in the mid-70's and a very low dew point. Hopefully that weather holds for the remainder of the week but the prediction is for heat and humidity to hit the east coast by Monday. Hopefully you don't encounter that humidity on your port calls in Boston and Maine. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!
  7. Enjoy. It looks to be a great dinner and experience.
  8. JIm, Wishing you and Iain a great 2nd half. So funny to see that all the Zeniths still sit on the "Zenith couch" in the Retreat (That's my personal name for the couch!). I have not been on one Summit sailing where the Zeniths have not occupied that couch. Even if there are only 2 or 3 Zeniths onboard they always gravitate to that couch. I guess I'm a "horse of a different color" because I usually sit in the other chairs! An acquaintance of mine was onboard today as a guest of one of the staff and he shot a quick video in the Retreat. I saw you and Iain sitting on "the couch" waiting for the rooms to be ready and I thought to myself "oh, they got the memo re the couch"!! Enjoy the second half and from a strictly personal perspective I hope it flies by so that I can board on the 27th!! (But I do hope it's a nice leisurely cruise for you šŸ˜‚) Janice
  9. Jim, I thoroughly enjoyed your live postings. They made me even more anxious to board on June 27th! What are your plans for turnaround day in Bayonne? It looks to be a cloudy morning with showers predicted for mid-day. A jaunt into Manhattan would be very rushed, I would imagine. I think I'd be happy to stay onboard!! Looking forward to reading all about your next cruise. Nice to see pictures of you guys with Rob and Sue. I've met them a few times onboard Summit and they are a very sweet couple. Janice
  10. Thanks for the update re Albert. It's too bad that he had to leave the ship. I believe that he wanted to spend his remaining time with his "Summit family".
  11. Jim, I agree. With the exception of a few "misses" (in my opinion only) regarding some of the seating options I like the brighter decor. And from what I can see there is PLENTY of storage options in the PH. Janice
  12. Maybe they do it in the July/August months. I usually sail May/June and September/October. Hopefully Captain Ioannis will take a turn around the Statue when I sail later this month. No matter how many times I see the Statue it takes my breath away.
  13. Thanks, Jim. That walk looks very "do-able". Although I will say that I freak out when walking over water or driving over a bridge. Crazy I know since it doesn't bother me one tiny bit to be on a cruise ship.......but walking or driving over water really freaks me out. I always have visions of the bridge/walkway giving out. Oh well we all have our bits of craziness now don't we?? Also you mentioned that lots of seating has been added to the jogging track area. If memory serves me correctly those chairs were always up there on Deck 11. So I don't think any extra seating has been added.
  14. Jim, Quick question about docking in Portland. I know you're a "walker" but due to arthritis I am not! Is it a long walk from the ship to the cruise port terminal in Portland? I know "long walk" is a relatively broad term! I'm taking from your posts that you are very happy with the Summit. One last question: Is Albert on board? He's the gentleman that lives on Summit. I didn't think I saw him in the picture from the Zenith luncheon. I did, however, see a few folks who are Summit "regulars"! Thanks.
  15. Re going by the Statue of Liberty when leaving Bayonne. I sail on SM from Bayonne quite frequently and I think the last time we sailed by the Statue was 3 or 4 years ago. It seems that it's rarely done anymore.
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