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  1. I would like to correct my previous posting. I apologize that I posted the incorrect information. My TA's sales rep has confirmed that the Royal Suite DOES still come with all suite amenities (premium beverage package, unlimited internet, unlimited specialty dining, laundry twice per week) for ALL occupants of the Royal Suite. In order to determine if it's beneficial to you to also add the "4 Perk Package" to your RS booking you need to do the math. In the instance of my booking if I do not elect to take the 4 Perk Package Celebrity will reduce my fare by $770. The
  2. I'm going to ask my TA to discuss with her sales rep again. I think the answer on this is different each time we ask! I know what it "used to be" because I have cruised RS/PH in the past........but now it seems like this "4 perk offer" for suites is confusing the issue (for everyone including Celebrity sales reps!) Regarding the gelato - any time I've stayed in either RS or PH I have gotten unlimited gelato. While I've never seen it written anywhere the young lady at the Gelato station told me I could come every day as much as I want!
  3. I just went through this with my TA who had a lengthy conversation about this with her sales rep. IF you don't have the 4 perks associated with your RS/PH booking then you do not get the premium beverage package. If you look at the Celebrity website it states that the amenities that come with the RS booking are: Complimentary bottled water, soda, beer, unlimited lunch/dinner in specialties, 2 bottles of alcohol in suite, VIP canapes, complimentary laundry (twice per cruise) and priority luggage delivery. The website further states that in addition to the amenities
  4. In total Celebrity owed me a little over $21K (two paid-in-full cruises that were cancelled by Celebrity and a few others where I only had refundable deposits on them that were cancelled by me). Over the past 3 weeks miscellaneous amounts were credited to my credit cards with no rhyme nor reason to any of the amounts. No booking numbers were referenced and the credit card receiving the credit was not necessarily the one I used for the particular booking that was being refunded. I had to keep an excel spreadsheet in order to keep track of these credits. I posted the dollar amount every time
  5. I’ve heard complaints about that agency lately about them not be responsive during this time. To be honest I never regarded them as “travel agents” but rather “order takers”. I have found that you get better service with the smaller agencies, in addition to all the perks of OBC, etc.
  6. I've received a partial refund for both my May 2 and my May 9 Summit sailings. They were posted in various amounts on my credit card. Right now I am waiting for the missing portion of $2395.80 to be refunded for the May 9 cruise and $410.20 to be refunded for the May 2 cruise. My TA has been constantly in touch with Celebrity and is being told these 2 missing amounts are currently being processed. So hopefully I'll receive these in the next 2 weeks and I can close the book on these cruises. For what it's worth I also had cruises booked in September, November, and December (all with refund
  7. I also received luggage tags for both my May 2 and May 9 cruises which have been cancelled. I never ordered them. So far I have not received any money back from Celebrity for the above 2 cancelled cruises PLUS 3 other Celebrity cruises that I had booked for the remainder of 2020 (September, November & December) which only had refundable deposits on them. I chose to cancel them now since I don't believe cruising in 2020 will be possible at all. So Celebrity at this point owes us in the neighborhood of $20,000 but I have not seen anything refunded to my credit card. It's very frustratin
  8. I have been told that refunds can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days.
  9. I am also booked on the September 11 Summit sailing from Boston. My personal opinion is that this cruise will not take place. However, I am not cancelling just yet. I will wait and cancel before final payment is due (I have a refundable deposit). As a side note: for my two cancelled May sailings I've opted for the 100% refund and have been told the refunds are taking anywhere between 30 and 90 days!!
  10. My TA has been wonderful, informative and supportive. I've had 2 of my cruises cancelled and she was right on top of things for me. I also have 4 future Celebrity cruises booked and had 2 questions regarding the future bookings. While she was unsure of the answers to my questions right off the top of her head (remember.....things are in a state of flux at Celebrity) she did reach out to her sales rep via email and has gotten written replies to both of my questions. She is a small, one-woman show and while she may not give the amount of OBC and other perks that the larger agencies can offer
  11. Question for anyone who might know. We told our TA we want refund rather than FCC. There are 4 of us gals sharing PH and we paid with 4 different credit cards (well actually 5 different cards because one of my friends used a different card for deposit and final payment). My TA is asking us if we’re sure we don’t want the FCC. She is telling us Celebrity does not split up refunds to different cards but rather will refund.one card only. So one of our cards will end up with a huge credit balance and that person would have to come up with the cash to reimburse the other 3 women. I cannot bel
  12. I changed my post to A LOT from ALL corporations.
  13. Profits over People is the mantra of A LOT corporations......not just Celebrity.
  14. The man in the Facebook posting was referring to the three ships that we due to port in San Juan on yesterday (March 15). He actually said the names of the 3 ships (Carnival, NCL, Royal -- no mention of a Celebrity ship). He did not mention the Celebrity Summit at all. Summit was due to port in San Juan on March 14. Now......one can assume that the reason why the Summit did not port in San Juan was because they did not want to wait until the National Guard arrived but this would be pure speculation and assumption on our parts. I'm not sure it's fair to say that Celebrity did not want to c
  15. Additionally, in this day and age of "sue crazy people" I think we might be hard pressed to find a doctor who will write a note stating that someone with a chronic condition (diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, etc.) is healthy to travel. Imagine the liability if that person died onboard the cruise. The doctor could potentially be sued.
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