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  1. jcpc

    Summit Revolution

    I was told by the Casino Host that all the machines were being replaced during dry dock and that bank of 4 new machines was a preview of the types of machines they would be installing. So I'm guessing they will still be there after the dry dock. The 4 machines were definitely new as I was also on the Summit in July and they were not there but they were there when I sailed in September.
  2. jcpc

    Summit Revolution

    I was on Summit last fall and they had already installed a group of 4 new slot machines. In that group there were 2 of the Harley Davidson machines. They were located in the forward starboard section of the casino (right before the exit to the Photo Gallery). I was pretty successful on one of them!
  3. jcpc

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    Once again, Ma Bell, you hit the nail directly on the head. I agree - who cares how or why someone attained Zenith level. BUT not all Zeniths feel that way. The way it was explained to me was this: If someone were to sail on 10-night cruises in the PH they would be Zenith after 17 cruises. However, if that person sailed in Balcony cabins he or she would need to sail 100 times to attain Zenith level. Some folks feel that 17 cruises does not make you LOYAL to the brand whereas 100 cruises does make you loyal to the brand. I have a similar sailing history as you do. My first Celebrity cruise was in the early 90's. I've sailed Celebrity almost exclusively since then because I thought, and still think, that Celebrity offers me what I'm looking for. Has it changed since the 90's? Sure it has - but what hasn't?? I was never able to take advantage of "last minute deals" as I was working. I started sailing in inside cabins then gradually moved up to outside, balcony, and more recently have been lucky enough to sometimes sail in suites. Would I have attained Zenith by now if I wasn't lucky enough to sail in suites? I don't know!! Probably not! But who cares. Status means nothing to me and I'm happy with the free beverage package and free internet! (Although I will say in my younger days I would have benefited from the "free drinks" perk but as I got older I find I can't drink like I did when I was younger!!! LOL)
  4. jcpc

    Met head of Loyalty for Celebrity

    Although I don't have any official statistics I would hazard a guess that there are probably about 400 Zeniths. I don't think the majority of Zenith members are angry. I think most of the Zeniths are appreciative of the perks that are given by Celebrity and appreciate the perks very much. I do believe, however, there are a handful of Zeniths who are very vocal about their displeasure of the perceived unfair treatment they are receiving and they resent the fact that occupants of suites become Zenith quickly I've actually heard someone use the term "Suite Zeniths" as if it was inferior to the folks who became Zenith by sailing a bazillion times in an inside/outside cabin. I do think that all Captain's Club perks (no matter what level you are at) should be consistent across the fleet, no matter what ship you sail. I think some folks are upset when, for example, on one ship all Zenith members have dinner with an officer while on another ship they are not invited to a dinner. With all that's going on in our daily lives and in the world today, I have much better things to focus on than who's getting flowers and who's getting a free dinner! Ma Bell's previous post was, in my opinion, spot on.
  5. My personal opinion is that a lot of people put a deposit down on cruises that they are still up in the air about. Depositing early usually gives you the lowest price and a good selection of cabins to choose from. You have nothing to lose if you decide not to go as it's a refundable deposit. I, myself, have done this for numerous sailings. Additionally perhaps travel agencies have group space blocked on the particular sailing you are interested in. Celebrity has some sort of a "payment schedule" associated with group space meaning that at a certain date the travel agency must provide full deposit and names for each of the cabins they are holding. If the travel agencies have not managed to sell all the cabins they are holding, you may also see a bunch of cabins become available around the date that full deposit and names are required. Regarding FV cabins. Your best bet would be to call Celebrity and inquire. Sometimes they allow you to book them with less than 5 people, but worst case would be that you could be wait-listed for one. But this cannot be done via the website - you need to make a phone call (or if you had a good travel agent that did a lot of business with Celebrity he/she might be able to get a FV released to you.)
  6. jcpc

    Rest in Peace CAPinBoynton

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your wife. Cherish your wonderful memories.
  7. Thank you so much for your live blogging while on Edge. I enjoy reading your blogs very much and I agree with most of what you said about Edge. I do agree with you that it's the Celebrity staff and crew that makes us keep coming back and we ran into quite a few that we knew when we sailed in January. Enjoy your next cruise. I'll be looking forward to your blog.
  8. Paul, What time was the "show" at the Martini Bar? On our sailing in January, we did see the "light show' at around 8 pm one night but there were only 2 bartenders behind the bar (I Made did juggle bottles for about 1 minute) but there was no "show" at all where the bartenders jumped up on the counters and poured those large flights, etc. We were there every night but maybe they had the "bartender show" and we just missed it every night. Thanks!
  9. jcpc

    Royal Suite Dining Reservations

    Call Celebrity and make the reservations now. If you wait until the shoreside concierge to call you (sometimes within 2 or 3 days of sailing) your preferred dates/times may not be available. This has happened to us on more than one occasion - however it didn't bother us as we are very flexible.
  10. jcpc

    Summit - New Room configurations!!!

    I’ve been told that the room configurations on Summit are different than on Millennium. But you should contact Celebrity now to make sure you are indeed in a cabin that will accommodate 3.
  11. jcpc

    Millennium Revolution -

    I answered your question in Post 1280 above (very shortly after you asked it). Perhaps you missed my posting! And I have actually stayed in a sky suite on M class ships.
  12. jcpc

    Millennium Revolution -

    There are no aft S1's on any M Class ship. On the M class the only Sky Suites that have both a bathtub and a walk in-shower are 6145 and 6146 (adjacent to the PHs).
  13. jcpc

    Suite Manager

    Randy, Priscilla Schmitt is indeed the Retreat Manager (different title on Edge!) on the Edge right now. She's due for vacation soon. I'm not quite sure if she knew what ship she was going to after vacation. I agree with everyone - Priscilla is the best!
  14. Paul, I'm very interested in your take on the Martini Bar. I, too, am a very frequent Celebrity cruiser and a Martini Bar "regular". The Martini Bar on the Edge just didn't feel like the Martini Bar I'm used to. The week we were on the only seats provided were the short ones on the one side of the bar. We were told that they also had higher stool type seating for the other side but were not using them because several people had problems (i.e they fell) getting either into or out of them as they were very high. There was only one night where we were able to snag a seat at the bar, and it was quite late in the evening when we did. We knew 2 bartenders (I Made and Alex) from previous cruises and as soon as they saw us come in they helped us to find a table where we could sit and brought our drinks over. It was very difficult to even find a table between the hours of 6 pm and 8 pm. It seemed like that area on Deck 3 was the "only game in town" for drinks before dinner (although I'm sure some folks had pre-dinner cocktails in Eden). I'm interested in how you feel about the Martini Bar on Edge. Thanks.
  15. jcpc

    New Terminal 25, Ft Lauderdale

    It rained (i.e. poured) the day we disembarked. That long uncovered walk to the taxis was just miserable. We were soaking wet when we finally made it to the taxis! I usually pack a small travel umbrella but had forgotten to do so on this trip. But I don't think that the umbrella would have done any good - it was raining so hard and it was quite windy. We had a porter carting our luggage so at least we didn't have to contend with dragging that with us in the rain.