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  1. You need to keep in mind that your friends will most likely be hanging out in the pool and hot tubs in the Havana area. The area is open only to those in Havana cabins. You will not have access to this area if you are not staying in the Havana area. If you want to spend time with your friends, I suggest you try the Havana section. It is really nice. We love the Spa balcony cabins best, but if you are sailing with friends, you most likely will love the Havana area. We have stayed in that section too-it is really fun. Keep in mind the balcony cabin will be very different in Havana. You will have more of a "front yard" set up. Good luck with your decision!
  2. Sailing from Manhattan Cruise Terminal is always great. One of the highlights is watching everyone at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island taking pictures of our ship and waving to us!! It must be as much fun for them to see this beautiful ship sailing right by them as it is for us to see such a beautiful sight.
  3. If passengers are allowed off the ship only by a "bubble", then cruise lines need to offer the excursions well in advance of final payment dates. I do not want to sail to certain ports that I have already been to and then forced into excursions that take me to the same places I have previously visited. What is the point of sailing in Europe and the offered excursions are to only the highlights of each city? I have been to the Coliseum in Rome and the Parthenon in Athens, for example. I would cancel our Legend sailing next fall if this is the case. I have no problem understanding this approach, it just won't work for me and my husband. Carnival must list the available excursions well in advance of our final payment date or we may have to cancel.
  4. The cabins a little further away from the door to the pool area will probably be guaranteed quiet. We have stayed in the spa balcony cabins on Deck 10 on Sunshine, and it super quiet. We have noticed as we get closer to the doors that open closest to the pool area, the music is slightly noticeable. Having said that, we seek out balcony cabins on Lido-so close to everything, especially the buffet area on early docking days. If you can get that location, you won't regret it! Good luck!
  5. We sailed from Charleston last August. We flew in the day before and took Uber to the port. It was easy and fast. We had no traffic and we were dropped off at the gate. When they opened the gate-we got there early and waited about 10 minutes- we left our bags with a luggage collector and walked right into the check-in building. We had a very pleasant experience from beginning to end. Please don't let one bad review make your decision for you.
  6. We were booked on American Airlines for our flights to Barcelona-flying out in May and returning in June. They were very accommodating.
  7. Airlines have been announcing they are waiving fees to change flights. We canceled our round trip flights to Barcelona and had our points returned without fees. You might want to touch base with your airline to see what options you have.
  8. We had a suitcase ruined at the port in NYC. We asked Carnival to provide written proof of the damage. Our insurance company also asked for an estimate for repairs. We called all over and couldn't find anyplace to give us an estimate. When we asked the insurance company what to do about this, they told us to just put that in writing and submit the paperwork. They sent us a check to replace the suitcase. You should get in touch with your insurance company again and tell them you can't get an estimate. Good luck.
  9. We took an Uber to the port-we arrived at 10 and we were turned away for being too early. We took our bags from the car and waited outside the gate until 10:15. Walked our bags over to a bag drop off, walked to the check-in building, waited there about 20 minutes, boarded the shuttle to the ship, went through security and boarded the ship around 11:10 am. (We are Platinum.) Super easy leaving from Charleston! We read all the tips posted here and were ready for anything. It was even easier that we thought it would be. Don't cross Charleston off your list!!!!
  10. I was stricken with norovirus despite taking all precautions we know about. I tried to avoid touching handrails, elevator buttons, serving utensils, etc. etc. and it still happened. Really ruined our cruise-missed port stops, no appetite. Our cabin steward told us there were so many sickened passengers that we were very close to being barred from one of our ports. They even canceled the Meet the Captain event, and realized this was to keep him from shaking hands with everyone! We had been receiving nice offers from the cruise line, and after we arrived home and asked about any cruise credit. they not only refused but stopped sending us those nice offers!!! It's difficult for me to see posted judgments about being people being careless and then getting norovirus-it can still happen to anyone unfortunately.
  11. We have cruised to Alaska, New England and Canada as well as Caribbean cruises. It is a very different vibe on those cooler destination cruises. Passengers are not sitting around drinking to keep cool on a hot sunny sea day-it is usually too cold to even hang out on a lounger. When we cruised to Alaska, we were covered with several blankets watching the scenery and sea creatures with binoculars. We were also busy with the nature lectures and related activities. Anyone who dared to use those hot tubs dreaded getting out. I don't think you will be dealing with what you experienced on your earlier cruise. Go and enjoy the experience of cruising to Alaska. You won't believe how beautiful it is.
  12. Yes absolutely you can have all the butter you need!!
  13. We have sailed Sunshine many times, 8 days cruises and just finished a 5 day and 4 day. We head to the spa after a day out and around. We like to unwind before showering and getting ready for our 8:15 pm seating for dinner. Maybe we have been lucky, but we have never had to wait to get a heated lounger. I say go for it!!
  14. Glad you were able to enjoy your cruise with your bad knee!!! Congrats on winning the plaque for knowing so many CD's. Never saw any pictures of the games posted on-line-wondering how long it will take the Sunshine staff to remove "Guess the CDs game!
  15. Bobocrusin-thanks so much for the feedback!!! Crusing from a new homeport for the first time can be confusing-especially when everyone else seems to know what they're doing!
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