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  1. Breakfast starts early on early port days. They know cruisers want to get an early breakfast so they can start their day. You don't need to worry - there will be breakfast available before you leave the ship for the day. Just be prepared for everyone doing the same thing - Lido buffet will be super busy!
  2. Yes, kelkel2. You can order the water to be delivered to your room. It used to be around $3. A true ship bargain!!
  3. MY DH gets distilled water delivered to our cabin for his cPAP. We also always use the Carnival orange extension cord. It's very easy to use your cPAP on board.
  4. I've experienced major withdrawal from missing out on stuffed mushrooms, beef Wellington and my all time favorite BITTER AND BLANC. Lamb chops in the steakhouse are also amazing.
  5. I totally agree with the earlier poster who said she would burst into tears on embarkation! I will be sobbing my heart out from sheer happiness!!! Having said that, I can't wait for the first complaint about the Diamond/Platinum gift!! Can we get that person thrown overboard??? 😂
  6. There was very little difference between sailing from US ports vs. sailing in Europe. The one difference - which we loved - was the cuisine reflected our port stops with local dishes. Carnival highlighted menu items with the port we visited that day with appetizers, main items and deserts. There was a major rush in the morning to be ready to leave the ship as soon as the ok was given. Many tours meet early, right after docking. Get ready for some early morning starts. We were exhausted after many long days and we figured we would rest up when we went back to work. LOL.
  7. You can also email the maitre d' prior to your cruise letting him know who you are sailing with and your table request. From what I haves read here, you should not have a problem sitting with your family on your BTB. Enjoy!
  8. In the past, European cruise MDR menus reflected the country or region of that day's port. We really enjoyed those choices. We are hoping that trend will continue in the future. Post Covid, we no longer have any expectations, but still hope for the best.
  9. The ONLY way I will get back on a cruise is if self serve anything is eliminated, at least for now. YES, I totally hate this idea, but if anyone has seen what I have seen, such as passengers sneezing into their hand and then getting coffee at the self serve area using that sneezed-on hand, or serving themselves from the buffet, eating off their plate while moving along in the line, etc., I think you might agree that germs are passed around way too easily. And as suffering from Noro-virus on a cruise several years ago, despite hand-washing and taking all precautions, no one can ever be too careful. Now with the possible results being worse than stomach upset, cruise lines have no choice but to change the way things used to be. Who wants to go through all the effort to get on a ship, only to have a Covid outbreak result in a canceled cruise on Day 2 because cruisers insisted on serving themselves? If cruising returns, we all must accept what just might be temporary changes. I'm in!!!!!
  10. Guess Virgin Voyages won't be holding any Hairy Chest contests either!! 😂😂
  11. This is just what I needed right now! If I saw my husband walking on deck in socks and sandals, I would be so mortified I would get off at the first port stop and fly home!!! LOL!!! I must say, however, that we are so homesick for our Carnival cruises that I hereby make the promise that if we can get back on board safely SOON-I will never ever criticize what other cruisers think pass for appropriate cruise attire!!
  12. We were booked on Legend for these port stops. Cruise was canceled 2 weeks ago. No Legend in Europe this year.
  13. We are long time Carnival cruisers and rarely book Early Saver. We don't mind paying slightly higher rates-we prefer having the option to cancel with a full refund. We occasionally booked Early Saver rates when we had no doubt we would be sailing, but we usually try to keep our options open. If we did change our minds, though, we had to pay the per person penalties. Now in the Covid world, we will be booking non-Early Saver for a while. Too many unknowns to be tied down.
  14. You need to keep in mind that your friends will most likely be hanging out in the pool and hot tubs in the Havana area. The area is open only to those in Havana cabins. You will not have access to this area if you are not staying in the Havana area. If you want to spend time with your friends, I suggest you try the Havana section. It is really nice. We love the Spa balcony cabins best, but if you are sailing with friends, you most likely will love the Havana area. We have stayed in that section too-it is really fun. Keep in mind the balcony cabin will be very different in Havana. You will have more of a "front yard" set up. Good luck with your decision!
  15. Sailing from Manhattan Cruise Terminal is always great. One of the highlights is watching everyone at the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island taking pictures of our ship and waving to us!! It must be as much fun for them to see this beautiful ship sailing right by them as it is for us to see such a beautiful sight.
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