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  1. We have sailed Sunshine many times, 8 days cruises and just finished a 5 day and 4 day. We head to the spa after a day out and around. We like to unwind before showering and getting ready for our 8:15 pm seating for dinner. Maybe we have been lucky, but we have never had to wait to get a heated lounger. I say go for it!!
  2. Glad you were able to enjoy your cruise with your bad knee!!! Congrats on winning the plaque for knowing so many CD's. Never saw any pictures of the games posted on-line-wondering how long it will take the Sunshine staff to remove "Guess the CDs game!
  3. Bobocrusin-thanks so much for the feedback!!! Crusing from a new homeport for the first time can be confusing-especially when everyone else seems to know what they're doing!
  4. Our very first cruise was to Alaska, though on another cruise line. We cruised at the end of August. Our time in Glacier Bay was absolutely freezing-the blowing wind was fierce and cold. I had on a wool hat, scarf, gloves, and heavy jacket. It was difficult to stay outside for too long and I couldn't use binoculars because my eyes were watering from the cold wind. During the day, on the Lido deck for the entire cruise, you checked out blankets instead of towels. With all that great scenery, I spent all the time we could on a lounge chair by the railing on the upper decks, with a few blankets, just to take everything in. Rained in several ports, and during our visit to Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching boat ride. We had warm jackets under our ponchos-you will really need those layers! I'm not sure if the weather is that much warmer in June.
  5. We used to sail on the Miracle and Splendor out of NYC during the winter months. The same port stops were not exciting, but it was really nice to have a great vacation without having to fly south. Driving into Manhattan from South Jersey was so easy and so much cheaper than flying. The main pool area on Lido was covered, so we could sit around the pool in shorts and t-shirts. We really miss doing that. We know not all the ships have the retractable roofs. Does Norwegian really fill their ships during the winter so it's profitable for them? Why so different for Carnival?
  6. We have always headed over to the excursion desk as soon as we board. They have been already been open in our past experiences. We have also heard from others that they have been put on a waiting list for HMC cabanas and frequently are contacted that one has become available while on board. Although you may not get your first choice of cabanas at first, it seems that people cancel once on board and you just might get the one you want. Definitely head over to Excursions as soon as you board.
  7. Thanks for some great details! I am wondering if anyone who has been dropped off, rather than parking, can explain where we should arrive. We will be using Uber to get to the ship. We need to know where we should direct our driver so we can get our bags checked in. With the August heat, I would hate to have to personally lug our bags to check-in if we get dropped off in the wrong place. In addition, how big are the shuttles that get everyone to the ship? Are they vans or buses? Thanks in advance for the info!
  8. It's sad but true. I have seen people cough into their hands and then pick up the serving spoons on the buffet with the hand they just coughed into. Either they are completely clueless or too lazy to leave the line, use the hand sanitizer dispenser and then return to the buffet line. How many of us have seen passengers use their own drink/coffee mugs to fill up at the drink/coffee stations?? It horrifies me to see someone put these things right up against the dispenser. I will walk away and go to a different beverage station. There are signs asking that only the clean cups and mugs be used, but this is frequently ignored. Should we tell passengers not to do this when we see it happening? I would rather avoid getting someone's germs then risk getting a dirty look. Opinions?
  9. Yes there is a priority waiting room. You will be directed there after you are checked in.
  10. I have very simple advice for anyone choosing a connecting cabin if you are not traveling with people you want to be connected with: DON'T DO IT!!! We learned this the hard way. We were up til 2 or 3 in the morning listening to our connecting neighbor's TV. Also listened to them "getting friendly" with each other day or night. We heard EVERYTHING! We will NEVER AGAIN book connecting cabins. We would book another cruise if this was the only cabin left.
  11. We were on the Horizon last year. There was a very loud whistling sound coming from our balcony door while we were at sea. It was so loud it was hard to sleep. We also had a loud banging sound near our hall door that happened while we were at sea and this kept us up, too. We called Guest Services while we were moving around 10PM so they could hear the noises for themselves. A maintenance worker come to our cabin immediately. Tightened a bolt near the hall door and another near our balcony door. Both noises stopped and we were able to sleep that night. If you hear noises like this, be sure to tell your room steward or call Guest Services. The few times we have called with a similar problem, the response has been quick. No one wants to be kept awake every night on vacation. We have been on the Sunshine several times and truly love the ship-these have been some of our favorite cruises! Go and have a memorable cruise!
  12. Thanks to everyone for explaining the boat ride/private island at Sandals. I understand now how it works there. Now I just have to book a day pass! 😃
  13. Let me clarify my question to Lddella: you said that the day pass for Sandals Royal Bahamian includes everything "as well as the ride over to the private island." This is what I'm wondering about: where do you pick up the included transportation, when can you return to your ship, etc. Thanks very much for this info!
  14. Lddella-can you explain about the transportation to the resort? Where are you picked up, when can you return to your ship, etc. Thanks very much!
  15. We stayed in a Deck 8 balcony cabin once. We were new to cruising and really didn't think about what was above our cabin. Big mistake!! We were under the pizza counter. We heard chairs sliding back and forth most of the night, and we got very little sleep. Now we prefer to book so that there are cabins above and below us. If you are going to stay below the Lido deck, check the deck plans to see what exactly is above your cabin before booking!!
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