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  1. I have been to Jamaica.. And many beaches, but never a public beach.. So that was the deal.. Lol! Now I know.. And nope I can promise you I never even looked at them, except the beer guy! Lol!! I shook my head every time and said no...so there was no look of interest on my part.. With that said, the excursion was amazing! The beach was not what we went for, it was the zip lining and monkeys and they came thru!!
  2. I just got back this Sunday from my cruise and while in Roatan, I did the zip and dip excursion thru Victor and we had a great time!!! I've used him in past with no problems. I took a picture of the sign at the beach and I just looked at it and it says Bananarama. the website listed on the sign is http://www.bananaramadive.com -- With that said, I did have one complaint about the beach.. When I say we were confronted at LEAST 100-150 times during the time we were there by locals trying to sell everything from DVDS (I kid you not), to foot massages, to back massages, to hair braiding, to cigars, to banana doughnuts, to empanadas, to conch shells, to necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, beer (I did get some of these), to pictures with monkeys.. you name it, they came by.. over and over and over and over.. I am not exaggerating! Not sure if everyone has had this problem or if it was a freak thing while we were there. I understand that they rely on tourists for money, but I have been on almost 20 cruises and NEVER experienced this before, so it totally threw me off. The zip lining was amazing.. the monkeys and other animals were amazing.. even the beach was ok.. but the constant back and forth of locals was just too much for me. I would not hesitate to use him again, but not at this beach.. Just my opinion..
  3. dot com.. Butts up all the way!! I've used them twice- just got back this weekend and I would use them again in a heartbeat!!
  4. I got back on Sunday from my cruise but used cave-tubing dot com .... I previously did the cave tubing and when I did it last there was actually no rocks, it was complete mud. So I was quite surprised to find the rocks this time. It made it much easier to walk. The walk is definitely 20-25 minutes. Personally I think if there are mobility issues, it might be too much. They walk at a fairly good pace. If it were me, I would email them and see what they think. Just explain to them your concerns.
  5. Does anyone know if the shorter version would be accepted?? It's the official one with the raised seal but it only has the persons name, birthdate and parents names.. It doesn't have all the info that the long version has on it..
  6. I have cruised Carnival 13 times, I believe.. Will be my 14th this weekend.. I have never recvd a free upgrade or even a call from the upsell fairy..
  7. I'll look it up to verify.. your answer helps.. it gives me an idea.. thanks again!
  8. does anyone know how much approximately it was for taxi to Paradise Beach?? We are a group of 4... Im thinking this beach is our best bet..
  9. Thank you so much for the info! I just booked our dolphin swim and we will be headed there in 2 short weeks!! Can I ask how much the photo cd was by chance?
  10. Thank you so much for the information!! I just filled out the form submission and waiting to hear back!! only 2 short weeks before we head off on our cruise!
  11. Thanks for the info on booking thru dolphin discovery!! I think his is what we will be doing also!
  12. Great pictures!!! We will be cruising in a few short weeks.. I have done the stingray city tour with Nativeways several times, but I am cruising with my boyfriend this time, who has never cruised and I want him to experience this! Can I ask how much was this excursion with Rum Point? I think I'd like to go there.. Did the price include lunch? How long was this excursion from beginning to end would you say? And lastly, were there non seafood options on the menu if you remember.. Thank you so much!! And I agree that Nativeways is a wonderful choice in GC... I've used them twice before!
  13. This was my exact question to myself a few weeks ago when deciding where we were going later this month.. The cruise won out for us and DD14 couldn't be happier.. We have been to DW multiple times and while I have cruised many times, my daughter has only cruised twice before.. We opted for a more laid back and relaxing trip which is what a cruise is.. Have fun in whatever you decide!
  14. Great review! Love love love the pictures also.. We are headed on the Magic 3 weeks from today and cannot wait! Can you please add me to the list of funtimes? [email]bettyann29@hotmail.com[/email].. Would also love any spa inserts.. Thank you so much!!
  15. We will be cruising on the Magic later this month and I'd love to splurge and surprise my 14 yr old daughter with a massage... Are there any guidelines regarding minimum age that you know of?
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